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Version 0.1.0

by Bea Adkins

University of Southern California

Center for Robotics and Embedded Systems

Interaction Lab

Based on POMDP Solve by Anthony R. Cassandra

Package containing ROS nodes and library(ies) to facilitate the use and development of POMDPs.

Throughout this document, [WORKSPACE_ROOT] is used for the root directory of the catkin workspace.

Index of packages

pomdp C++ classes implementing and using POMDPs.
pomdp_node ROS nodes and using POMDPs.
pomdp_reasoning (TODO) Reasoning and learning using POMDPs.

Index of nodes (in pomdp_node)

pomdp_run For running a single POMDP.
oracle_irl Inverse reinforcement learning of policy using human oracle.
dialogue_irl Inverse reinforcement learning of policy using dialogue system output.

Compile Instructions

A copy of A. Cassandra's pomdp-solve is required. This software was developed using version 5.3. A copy of libmdp must be compiled from the source. Download and documentation at: .

To compile, src/pomdp/src/CMakeLists.txt must be updated with the correct location of libmdp:

  • LIB_POMDP_SOLVE_INCLUDE_DIR should contain a path to pomdp-solve/src

Compile with the following, run from [WORKSPACE_ROOT]:

$ catkin_make

Workspace setup

To allow ROS tools to find package directories, add the following line to your ~/.bashrc file:

source [WORKSPACE_ROOT]/devel/setup.bash

(If rospack find, roscd, and other tools send you to [WORKSPACE_ROOT]/build/repo/package/catkin_generated/stamps/package, then you should remove paths from $ROS_PACKAGE_PATH that include parent directories of [WORKSPACE_ROOT].)

Documentation Generation

ros_pomdp uses Doxygen run through rosdoc_lite to automatically build its documentation. To do so, run the following commands from [WORKSPACE_ROOT]:

$ rosdoc_lite src/pomdp
$ rosdoc_lite src/pomdp_node

Documentation will be generated under [WORKSPACE_ROOT]/doc. The following index files provide good starting places:

Index to node-level interface (messages and services).

  • [WORKSPACE_ROOT]/doc/html/index-msg.html

Index of APIs for each package. (Links do not work in local browsing/if directories don't default to 'index.html', and currently only contains the last generated package.)

  • [WORKSPACE_ROOT]/doc/html/index.html

Index of package APIs.

  • [WORKSPACE_ROOT]/doc/html/pomdp/index.html
  • [WORKSPACE_ROOT]/doc/html/pomdp_node/index.html

Unit Test Instructions

Compile tests with (from [WORKSPACE_ROOT]):

$ catkin_make tests

Run tests with:

$ catkin_make run_tests

If rostests (node level) fail because roscore is already running, force a single job. (This bug will be fixed in next ROS release.)

$ catkin_make run_tests -j1


ROS nodes and libraries for running partially observable Markov decision processes (POMDPs) and related machine learning.




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