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XMLTV Generator

XMLTV Format PHP generator.


  • PHP 5.6
  • libxml


The library is PSR-4 compliant and the simplest way to install it is via composer:

 composer require b-alidra/xmltv


Create a new XMLTV document root node

$xmltv = new XMLTV();

Set the document root node ttributes (optional)


Add a channel

$xmltv->addChannel(function (&$channel) {
        // Required attribute
        // Optional children
        ->addDisplayname(['lang' => 'en'], 'The One')
        ->addIcon(['width' => '80', 'height' => 120, 'src' => 'https://b-alidra.com/icon.png'])

Add a programme

        // Required attributes
        'channel'          => 'test-channel',
        'start'            => '20161223184000',
        // Optional attributes
        'stop'             => '20161223194000',
        'pdc-start'        => '20161223184000',
        'vps-start'        => '20161223184000',
        'showview'         => '???',
        'videoplus'        => '???',
        'clumpidx'         => '1'
    ], function (&$program) {
            // Required child
            ->addTitle(['lang' => 'en'], 'Test channel')
            // Optional children
            ->addSubtitle(['lang' => 'en'], 'Test channel second title')
            ->addDesc(['lang' => 'en'], 'Test channel description')
            ->addCredits(function (&$credits) {
                    ->addActor('Test actor')
                    ->addAdapter('Test adapter')
                    ->addCommentator('Test commentator')
                    ->addComposer('Test composer')
                    ->addDirector('Test director')
                    ->addEditor('Test editor')
                    ->addGuest('Test guest')
                    ->addPresenter('Test presenter')
                    ->addProducer('Test producer')
                    ->addWriter('Test writer');
            ->addCategory(['lang' => 'en'], 'Horror')
            ->addKeyword(['lang' => 'en'], 'Fantastic')
            ->addLength(['units' => 'minutes'], 120)
            ->addIcon(['src' => 'https://b-alidra.com/icon.png'])
            ->addVideo(function (&$video) {
            ->addAudio(function (&$audio) {
            ->addSubtitles(function (&$subtitles) {
            ->addRating(function (&$rating) {
                    ->addIcon(['src' => 'https://b-alidra.com/icon.png']);
            ->addStarrating(function (&$starrating) {
                    ->addIcon(['src' => 'https://b-alidra.com/icon.png']);
                'type'     => 'text',
                'source'   => 'Web',
                'reviewer' => 'Belkacem Alidra',
                'lang'     => 'en'

Check validation against the DTD


Get the XML

$output = $xmltv->toXml();

Will produce the following XML:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE tv PUBLIC "SYSTEM" "http://xmltv.cvs.sourceforge.net/viewvc/xmltv/xmltv/xmltv.dtd">
<tv date="2016-12-26" source-info-url="https://b-alidra.com/xmltv" source-info-name="XMLTV" source-data-url="https://b-alidra.com/xmltv" generator-info-name="XMLTV" generator-info-url="https://b-alidra.com/xmltv">
  <channel id="test-channel">
    <display-name lang="en">The One</display-name>
    <icon width="80" height="120" src="https://b-alidra.com/icon.png"/>
    <icon width="80" height="120" src="https://b-alidra.com/icon2.png"/>
  <programme channel="test-channel" start="20161223184000" stop="20161223194000" pdc-start="20161223184000" vps-start="20161223184000" showview="???" videoplus="???" clumpidx="1">
    <title lang="en">Test channel</title>
    <sub-title lang="en">Test channel second title</sub-title>
    <desc lang="en">Test channel description</desc>
      <director>Test director</director>
      <actor>Test actor</actor>
      <writer>Test writer</writer>
      <adapter>Test adapter</adapter>
      <producer>Test producer</producer>
      <composer>Test composer</composer>
      <editor>Test editor</editor>
      <presenter>Test presenter</presenter>
      <commentator>Test commentator</commentator>
      <guest>Test guest</guest>
    <category lang="en">Horror</category>
    <keyword lang="en">Fantastic</keyword>
    <length units="minutes">120</length>
    <icon src="https://b-alidra.com/icon.png"/>
      <icon src="https://b-alidra.com/icon.png"/>
      <icon src="https://b-alidra.com/icon.png"/>
    <review type="text" source="Web" reviewer="Belkacem Alidra" lang="en"/>

Implementation notes

Magic methods are used to set element attributes and to add an element child.

To set an id attribute (for example), use


To add a display-name child, use

$element->addDisplayname($attributes = [], $value = '', $callback)


To run the test suite, first install the dependencies, then run phpunit:

$ composer install
$ phpunit

For a test coverage report, look atbuild/report



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