Shell sitemap generator using wget
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Usage: [OPTIONS] url


  • -o, --output Define output filename. Default: sitemap.xml
  • -d, --domains Restrict the crawling to this specific comma separated domains list
  • -l, --level Specify recursion maximum depth level depth. Default 5.
  • -t, --timeout Set the network timeout in seconds.
  • -r, --reject Rejected comma separated list of file name suffixes or patterns. Default: .jpg,.jpeg,.css,.js,.ico,.png,.gif,.swf
  • -x, --reject-regex Rejected regular expression of complete URL. - --max-redirect Specifies the maximum number of redirections to follow: Default 20
  • -f, --frequency Define URLs frequency. Default: monthly See:
  • -p, --priority Define the priority for all urls. Default 0.8 See:
  • -h, --help See this help