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- Run the sketch: `cmd+b`
- With `cmd+shift+b` and typing `build` you get alternative buildsystems: `Run sketch fullscreen` and various `Export sketch options`
+## Hints
+- Console error messages are clickable: e.g. double click `test.pde:10:0:10:0: The function reect(int, int, int, int) does not exist.` to jump to the related line and file.
## Getting Start With Sublime Text
If you are new to Sublime I recommend the excellent and free video tutorial by nettuts: [Perfect Workflow in Sublime Text]( If you are short of time, then make sure to watch at least the lession [Multiple Cursors and Incremental Search]( (~6min), highly recommended!
## Acknowledgements
- This bundle is very much based on [Processing TextMate Bundle by Leon Hong](, thanks for all the good work!
- I used the [textmate-to-sublime-converter]( to convert the snippets from the original Processing TextMate Bundle to Sublime Text speak.
-- Syntax highlighting tweaking by [Mark Brand](
-- Linux build script and testing by [Julien Deswaef](
-- Windows build script and documention [Ralf Baecker](
+- Syntax highlighting tweaking [Mark Brand](
+- Linux build script and testing [Julien Deswaef](
+- Windows build script and documention [Ralf Baecker](
+- Error console capturer [Greger Stolt Nilsen](

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