The Malcontent Management System
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The Malcontent Management System

We write technical and academic documents, and are not happy with typical content management systems.

  • The math has to look good.
  • We have to get the references in the right style.
  • We're posting one possibly very long document, not a daily sequence of short entries.
  • We need a PDF and web version of the document.
  • We are collaborating on one document, and some of our collaborators may not know the intricacies of LaTeX or HTML.

Setup and use

Because the MMS is for document preparation, the manual provides an example of how to format a document. The final HTML version is at , and the source is in the manual directory.

The metadata about the project goes into a configuration/make file; copy the makefile in the manual directory to your project directory, and follow the instructions in that file to set the variables accordingly.