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brotools is a package that includes some useful functions that makes my life easier. Maybe it'll make yours too. Install it with:



Functions included

Here is the list of the included functions:

  • around()
  • map_filter()
  • ni()
  • one_row()
  • read_list()
  • to_map()

Is a value close to another? Find out with around()

This function is useful if you want to test the equality of two values when these values are different by a very little epsilon.

If x > y - eps and x < y + eps, around() returns TRUE, if not, FALSE.

Filter a dataframe with various conditions with map_filter()

map_filter() returns a list of data frame objects where each data frame was filtered by one condition.

Check if a value is not in a list with ni()

Returns TRUE if x is not in a list.

Only keep one row per individual with one_row()

This function is useful to remove duplicate lines in a dataframe. The user can specify the variables that will be used to check for duplicates in the data frames.

Read a lot of datasets at once easily with read_list()

read_list() works by giving it a list of datasets in your current working directory and a read function, such as readr::read_csv() in case you want to read .csv files,and puts them in a list. You can then use the above functions on this list of datasets.

Make a function work on a list using to_map()

After having read a lot of datasets into a list, to_map() allows you to make any function work on this list of datasets. So for example, there is no need to use an anonymous function in map() to get the summary statistics of each dataframe of the list.

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