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Object Orientation System including Inheritence and Mixins
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An Object-Orientation System for jQuery

WARNING This plugin is in early development stage and only tested in Chromium 13.0/Linux and Firefox 7.01/Linux Of course jquery is required for this plugin to work.


  • inheritence
  • mixins
  • a little bit reflection
  • easy way to integrate a jquery object into your own OO-Class

Example: Usage of Classes

jQuery.create('Person', {

    initialize: function(name, age) { = name;
        this.age = age;

    say_hello: function() {
        console.log("Hello, my name is " + + " and i'm " + this.age + " years old");  


jQuery.create('Student', {

    extend: 'Person',

    initialize: function(name, age, studentid) {
        this.studentid = studentid;
        console.log("Initializing Student");
        this.initParent(name, age);          

    study: function() {
        console.log("I'm studying and my id is: " + this.studentid);

var stud = new Student('John Doe', 31, 12334);

stud.say_hello() //=> "Hello, my name is John Doe and i'm 31 years old"     //=> "I'm studying and my id is: 12334"

stud.klass                       //=> Student
stud.klass.superclass            //=> Person
stud.klass.superclass.superclass //=> undefined

Example: Combination with jQuery

jQuery.create('MyNode', {

    extend: jQuery,

    initialize: function(dom_node) {
        this.init(dom_node); // this is method inherited by jQuery.prototype

    show_text: function() {
        this.html("Hello World"); // now we can use `this` as a jQuery Object...

var node = new MyNode("#foo");
node.show_text(); //=> displays "Hello World"

Example: Usage of Mixins

Mixins will not be initialized calling initParent(). They only provide a way to enhance a class with methods and attributes. They are included recursive, i.e. if a mixin includes other mixins, those will be added to the class aswell.

jQuery.create('Greeter', {

    say_hello: function() {
        console.log("Hello World again");


jQuery.create('GoodBye', {

    say_bye : function() {
        console.log("Good bye World");


jQuery.create('Communicator', {
    mixins: ['Greeter', 'GoodBye']

jQuery.create('MyClass', {

    mixins: 'Communicator',

    say_something: function() {


var instance = new MyClass();
instance.say_something(); //=> "Hello World again"
                          //=> "Good bye World"

instance.klass.mixins           //=> [Communicator]
instance.klass.mixins[0].mixins //=> [Greeter, GoodBye]
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