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  • Drop mtime package dependency.
  • metagen and linkable binaries are gone.
  • Drop the data-driven toplevel loaders. Use the omod project for this.
  • Drop the guess-deps and graph commands.
  • Drop the best-effort ocamldoc support and corresponding command.
  • Drop the help command. Documentation is now in odig's API docs to make it referencable and web linkable. This is where the tutorial and the packaging conventions now live. See odig doc odig.

v0.0.3 2017-10-31 Zagreb

  • Fix obscure build bug on 4.06.0 (#32)

v0.0.2 2017-05-31 Cambridge (UK)

  • Added experimental data-driven toplevel loaders.
  • The odoc API documentation is shown by default on odig doc.
  • The mli, cmi, cmo, cmti, cmx and cmt commands are grouped in the cobjs command.
  • Track latest cmdliner and mtime.

v0.0.1 2016-09-23 Zagreb

First release. The ocamldoc release.