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The Technical Academy consists of algorithms that play musical compositions. Version 1 was written in Forth on the Atari 1040 ST in 1990-91 using Forthmacs and ForMuLa, and released on private label cassette. That music is now available from Fixture Records at, and the Forth source is archived at

This Ruby code is based on the original Forth code. New compositions include:

Do Thing - dothing.rb - the original algorithm has been reimplemented in Ruby, and then modified to use the Bohlen-Pierce chromatic scale and play each section at a different tempo. You can hear the result at

Drum Jam - drumbot.rb was ported from Forth, then augmented with sounds from Roland's SN-U110-10 "Rock Drums" data card. It's a 5/4 random drummer duet. Three performances can be heard at

Rehearsal Room - rehearse.rb is a program used to test the system and the hardware synthesizers. You can hear one of the tests at

Not In C - notinc.rb reimagines Terry Riley's "In C" using a variation of the Bohlen-Pierce Moll I mode (the 9th tone J is flatted). Two premature performances of the algorithm can be heard at