How to get going

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To get started in Superstitions I suggest going with either Extra Utils 2 (generator/furnace/crusher) or Actually Additions for power and beginner ore processing.

Actually Additions way requires you to make an Atomic Reconstructor, give it some power, place down a redstone block in front of it and depending what mode the Atomic reconstructor is in (changeable by hitting it with a redstone torch) turn the redstone block into Restonia Crystal. Once you've found some Black Quartz you can then make the Actually Additions Crusher to double your ores into dust, then make the furnace to turn your dust to ingots.

For power transfer to begin with you have Flux Ducts then an array of wired and wireless energy transfer.

For storage you have so many options, soooo many, suggest Actually Additions crates instead of chests to begin with and then when you unlocked EnderIO have a look at Ender Utilities Handy chests.

Once you get established there's Refined Storage (AE1 clone) or Applied Energistics 2 whichever takes your fancy (AE2 will need to be unlocked though).

For tools you have an array of Silents Gems tools which have a special ability once empowered (remap the key in controls). Then old favorites such as the Mekanism Disassembler or Calculators OP weps.

For flight you have so many options, I suggest Extra Utils 2 and/or Bauble Stuff to start with then Draconic Evolution for the latter stages with a choice of Mekanism's gas jetpack if you fancy an explosion waiting to happen to your back.

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