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TDoc: The Titanium API Documentation Format

This documentation is a WIP

The TDoc format follows a simple syntax for declaring Modules, Proxies, Methods, Properties, and Events for Titanium.


The documentation tree starts in the Titanium folder, and generally follows this pattern:

-- Module/
---- Module.tdoc
---- Proxy.tdoc
---- SubModule/
------ SubModule.tdoc


A TDoc file basically consists of sections, and properties, and allows for free-form Markdown in most places.

A section usually looks like:


section content

Common sections

  • namespace (full namespace of the object)
  • type (module, proxy, view, property, method)
  • description (a full length description)
  • since (what version of Titanium this object was added in)
  • platforms (android,iphone,ipad)
  • notes (special notes for this object)
  • example (named code examples)

Proxy and Module sections

  • methods (list of method names and descriptions)
  • method (section for a single method with parameters and return type)
  • properties (list of property names, types, and descriptions)
  • events (events fired by this proxy or module)
  • event (section for a single event with event object properties)

Named sections

The method, event, and example sections all support embedded names, and in the case of the method section also supports a return type. Some quick examples:

# returns void
- method : helloWorld

# returns string
- method : methodName, string
method documentation..

- event : eventName
event documentation..

- example : My Cool Example
// here's some code..

Section Properties

Section Properties generally take the form:

name[type]: value

Method parameters

Method parameters are defined as properties under a Method section. Titanium types can be auto-link by surrounding the full API Name (using Titanium instead of Ti) using backticks. For example:

- method : format, string
formatString[string]: The format string
args[array,...]: The format arguments

- method : createTableView, `Titanium.UI.TableView`
returns a new table view

- method : updateRow
row[`Titanium.UI.TableViewRow`]: row to update


Defined as properties under the Properties section, and can also auto-link Titanium types with backticks, For example:

- properties
name[string]: Name documentation
myView[`Titanium.UI.View`]: my view

AutoLinking Titanium types

Except in the special cases of Properties and Method Parameters, you can generate a link to a Titanium type by surrounding it with double brackets, like so:

- description
Creates a [[Titanium.UI.TableView]]