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TYPO3 extension to extend the base variants condition in the site configuration with the current host.

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EXT: host_variants

This extension allows to configure a base variant in TYPO3s Site Configuration depending on the current Host.

When is it useful?

This extension can be useful when dealing with multiple sites in one TYPO3 instance with different domains:

Let's say you have a primary domain primary-domain.tld with a site configuration. Backend editors log in to this primary domain.

You have a site config with an own page tree for a second domain another-domain.tld. Editors create content for the second domain on a hidden page. When previewing that page from within the backend, another-domain.tld/some-page-slug will be shown. Since editors are logged in to the primary domain, the backend user cookie will not be sent by the browser for the secondary domain, the frontend does not see a logged in backend user and will show a 404.

The extension now allows configuring a site base variant for the secondary domain that kicks in when backend preview is called from the main domain, and calls the frontend of the secondary site as a sub path of the main domain instead.


  • TYPO3 9 LTS, 10 LTS, 11 LTS, 12 LTS

Installation and Setup

Install the extension via your preferred way. No further setup is required. The extension works out of the box.

What it does

The extension adds a variable host to the expression language for the Site Configuration. This allows configuring multiple domains for the same root page.



base: 'https://another-domain.tld/'
    base: 'https://primary-domain.tld/some-sub-path'
    condition: 'host == "primary-domain.tld"'

Using some ENV variable:

base: 'https://another-domain.tld/'
    base: 'https://%env(MAIN_DOMAIN)%/some-sub-path'
    condition: 'host == "%env(MAIN_DOMAIN)%"'

Combining conditions:

base: 'https://another-domain.tld/'
    base: 'https://local1.local/'
    condition: 'applicationContext == "Development" && host == "local1.local"'
    base: 'https://local2.local/'
    condition: 'applicationContext == "Development" && host == "local2.local"'

Made by b13 with ♥

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TYPO3 extension to extend the base variants condition in the site configuration with the current host.







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