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Firmware DVRF_v05 Feb 5, 2018
gdb Adding MIPS-I GDB Apr 11, 2016

Damn Vulnerable Router Firmware (DVRF) v0.5

Thanks for checking out my project. The goal of this project is to simulate a real world environment to help people learn about other CPU architectures outside of the x86_64 space. This project is also for those who are curious about embedded research, but don't want to invest a lot of money.

This firmware was developed by modifying the GPL source code for the Linksys E1550. If you do not have an E1550 don't worry! There's always QEMU and I encourage end users to experiment with both environments.


To Install this binary onto your E1550 simply go to the Firmware Upgrade page and point the upgrade path to DVRF_v05.bin and click "Upgrade"

Removal || Revert

To revert back to stock simply navigate to the main page of DVRF, Click Browse, Point it to the stock firmware binary, and Click "Upload Firmware"

Getting Started

You don't have to have a E1550 in order to get started. The following link will show you how to get started with DVRF using QEMU to emulate the environment -

Source Code for pwnables

Feel free to take a look at the source code for the pwnables so you can get a better understanding MIPS assembly. Please note that the compiled binaries used gcc flag -O0 to turn off compiler optimizations.

Compiling your own DVRF build

  • Download the Fedora 11 x86 ISO:
  • Deploy a new VM and Install Fedora Core 11
    • VirtualBox Installation Note: You'll need to setup the environment as "Linux --> Other (32-bit)" since the Fedora template uses a SATA drive which for some reason hangs the login screen.
  • Execute and if the tar ball was successfully made you can run to remove the -a* files.
  • Execute to download and install all of the needed dependencies.
  • Follow the instructions within the "README.txt" file to compile your own firmware binaries



  • Removed header check from unlink() within uClibc-0.9.29/libc/stdlib/malloc-standard/malloc.h for heap_overflow_01
  • It's now possible to compile the source and toolchain without root rights.
  • Pwnable sources are now compiled during the make process.


  • UART access is needed in order to execute the pwnable binaries.
  • WiFi is disabled, only the ethernet ports are available.
  • Anything written up for this project must be made available to the public for free.
  • New levels will be released soon. DVRF will be overhauled without the hacked GPL code to make it easier to read+modify. Plus, I'm tired of having to use Fedora 11 for this.