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Decryptor. Also works as an example on how to use ctr and ctrff
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CakeHax @ 3994a3d


Decryptor for 3D Dual Screen console.
Support the usual file containers .3ds, .cci, .cxi and 7.x encryption (when you have the appropriate key file).
For cdn files, name your file as [titleid].app and make sure you have decTitleKeys.bin in the root of your SD card.


  • roxas75 for mset_firmlaunchax_4x and the originator of in-place decryption
  • megazig for the original crypto functions
  • Relys for 3DS_Multi_Decryptor that I used both as the gold standard and as a guide
  • naehrwert for p3ds
  • GBATemp for hardware RSA and SHA description
  • Cakes for CakeHax
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