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An implementation of the Google Analytics for Mobile in python. Includes a literal translation of ga.php and a FLUP server wrapper for the GIF image serving, as well as template tags for Django.
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This project is licensed under the MIT open source license.  See the LICENSE file for more details.

This package includes:

1) A direct translation of the Google Analytics for Mobile PHP file ga.php to Python (  You can probably integrate this into your own setup by importing 'track_page_view' and providing it with the appropriate WSGI request environment.  (From Django, you could probably pass in request.META directly, for example.)

2) A FLUP based FastCGI implementation in  Set up nginx or Apache to call this.

3) A startup script for the FLUP server in ga_mobile.  

4) A django app with a template tag you can use on your django site.

The Django app uses 2 django settings:

    ``GA_MOBILE_PATH`` path (including leading /) to location of your tracking CGI.
    ``GA_MOBILE_ACCOUNT``: your GA mobile account number such as MO-XXXXXX-XX

To use the django app:
	add ga_app to your INSTALLED_SETTINGS
	add a url to ga_app.urls:
	(r'^ga/', include('ga_app.urls')),
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