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A navigation module for Kohana 3
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Menu generator for Kohana 3


The menus are defined in configuration files, which must be placed in the config/menu folder.

See config/menu/example.php

To render the menu without modifications, call:



  1. Place the files in the modules directory. Example:

    git clone modules/menu
  2. Create a folder menu in your applications config directory, copy the menu/example.php into it, rename it to default.php and adjust it to fit your navigation.

    mkdir -p application/config/menu
    cp modules/menu/config/menu/example.php application/config/menu/default.php
    # edit application/config/menu/default.php
  3. Activate the module in the bootstrap.php file.

        'menu' => MODPATH.'menu',

Config files

You can use different config files, by setting the factory method's $config parameter.

Example: Load menu configuration based on user role

$menu = Menu::factory($role); // this could use `config/menu/(user|admin).php`

Marking the current menu item

The config setting current_class defines the css class, which will be used by the set_current() method, to mark the current menu item:


The parameter of set_current() is the URL segment of the respective item.

Changing menu item settings

You can change the settings of each item with the following methods:

$item_url = 'home';
$menu->set_title($item_url, 'New title')
     ->add_class($item_url, 'active')
     ->remove_class($item_url, 'inactive')
     ->set_url($item_url, 'new/url');

Matching URLs

By default, the URL parameter must exactly match the predefined url setting of the menu item, which could have changed in the meantime, by a call of set_url:

$menu->set_url('artice/show', 'article/show/123');

You can change this behaviour with the static $str_comp_mode property:

Menu::$str_comp_mode = Menu::STR_COMP_MODE_CONTAINS; // uses strstr(), no regex support
// default value is Menu::STR_COMP_MODE_EXACT
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