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import logging
import re
import warnings
from contextlib import contextmanager
from time import time
from psycopg2 import Error
from psycopg2.pool import ThreadedConnectionPool
from import ContinuousVariable, DiscreteVariable, StringVariable, TimeVariable
from import Backend, ToSql, BackendError
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
EXTENSIONS = ('tsm_system_time', 'quantile')
class Psycopg2Backend(Backend):
"""Backend for accessing data stored in a Postgres database
display_name = "PostgreSQL"
connection_pool = None
auto_create_extensions = True
def __init__(self, connection_params):
if self.connection_pool is None:
self.missing_extension = []
if self.auto_create_extensions:
def _create_connection_pool(self):
self.connection_pool = ThreadedConnectionPool(
1, 16, **self.connection_params)
except Error as ex:
raise BackendError(str(ex)) from ex
def _create_extensions(self):
for ext in EXTENSIONS:
query = "CREATE EXTENSION IF NOT EXISTS {}".format(ext)
with self.execute_sql_query(query):
except BackendError:
warnings.warn("Database is missing extension {}".format(ext))
def create_sql_query(self, table_name, fields, filters=(),
group_by=None, order_by=None,
offset=None, limit=None,
sql = ["SELECT", ', '.join(fields),
"FROM", table_name]
if use_time_sample is not None:
sql.append("TABLESAMPLE system_time(%i)" % use_time_sample)
if filters:
sql.extend(["WHERE", " AND ".join(filters)])
if group_by is not None:
sql.extend(["GROUP BY", ", ".join(group_by)])
if order_by is not None:
sql.extend(["ORDER BY", ",".join(order_by)])
if offset is not None:
sql.extend(["OFFSET", str(offset)])
if limit is not None:
sql.extend(["LIMIT", str(limit)])
return " ".join(sql)
def execute_sql_query(self, query, params=None):
connection = self.connection_pool.getconn()
cur = connection.cursor()
utfquery = cur.mogrify(query, params).decode('utf-8')
log.debug("Executing: %s", utfquery)
t = time()
cur.execute(query, params)
yield cur"%.2f ms: %s", 1000 * (time() - t), utfquery)
except Error as ex:
raise BackendError(str(ex)) from ex
def quote_identifier(self, name):
return '"%s"' % name
def unquote_identifier(self, quoted_name):
if quoted_name.startswith('"'):
return quoted_name[1:len(quoted_name) - 1]
return quoted_name
def list_tables_query(self, schema=None):
if schema:
schema_clause = "AND n.nspname = '{}'".format(schema)
schema_clause = "AND pg_catalog.pg_table_is_visible(c.oid)"
return """SELECT n.nspname as "Schema",
c.relname AS "Name"
FROM pg_catalog.pg_class c
LEFT JOIN pg_catalog.pg_namespace n ON n.oid = c.relnamespace
WHERE c.relkind IN ('r','v','m','S','f','')
AND n.nspname <> 'pg_catalog'
AND n.nspname <> 'information_schema'
AND n.nspname !~ '^pg_toast'
AND NOT c.relname LIKE '\\_\\_%'
ORDER BY 1;""".format(schema_clause)
def create_variable(self, field_name, field_metadata,
type_hints, inspect_table=None):
if field_name in type_hints:
var = type_hints[field_name]
var = self._guess_variable(field_name, field_metadata,
field_name_q = self.quote_identifier(field_name)
if var.is_continuous:
if isinstance(var, TimeVariable):
var.to_sql = ToSql("extract(epoch from {})"
var.to_sql = ToSql("({})::double precision"
else: # discrete or string
var.to_sql = ToSql("({})::text"
return var
def _guess_variable(self, field_name, field_metadata, inspect_table):
type_code = field_metadata[0]
FLOATISH_TYPES = (700, 701, 1700) # real, float8, numeric
INT_TYPES = (20, 21, 23) # bigint, int, smallint
CHAR_TYPES = (25, 1042, 1043,) # text, char, varchar
BOOLEAN_TYPES = (16,) # bool
DATE_TYPES = (1082, 1114, 1184, ) # date, timestamp, timestamptz
# time, timestamp, timestamptz, timetz
TIME_TYPES = (1083, 1114, 1184, 1266,)
if type_code in FLOATISH_TYPES:
return ContinuousVariable.make(field_name)
if type_code in TIME_TYPES + DATE_TYPES:
tv = TimeVariable.make(field_name)
tv.have_date |= type_code in DATE_TYPES
tv.have_time |= type_code in TIME_TYPES
return tv
if type_code in INT_TYPES: # bigint, int, smallint
if inspect_table:
values = self.get_distinct_values(field_name, inspect_table)
if values:
return DiscreteVariable.make(field_name, values)
return ContinuousVariable.make(field_name)
if type_code in BOOLEAN_TYPES:
return DiscreteVariable.make(field_name, ['false', 'true'])
if type_code in CHAR_TYPES:
if inspect_table:
values = self.get_distinct_values(field_name, inspect_table)
# remove trailing spaces
values = [v.rstrip() for v in values]
if values:
return DiscreteVariable.make(field_name, values)
return StringVariable.make(field_name)
def count_approx(self, query):
sql = "EXPLAIN " + query
with self.execute_sql_query(sql) as cur:
s = ''.join(row[0] for row in cur.fetchall())
return int(re.findall(r'rows=(\d*)', s)[0])
def __getstate__(self):
# Drop connection_pool from state as it cannot be pickled
state = dict(self.__dict__)
state.pop('connection_pool', None)
return state
def __setstate__(self, state):
# Create a new connection pool if none exists
if self.connection_pool is None: