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B2Bcodext - Cms Form Builder

CMS Form Builder is a flexible OroCommerce extension that allows you to easily create forms via UI.

No longer need to have a dev team in order to add a form to your storefront. With this extension you can create forms in minutes without writing even a single line of code.


The easiest way to install CMS Form Builder is by using Composer:

curl -sS | php
php composer.phar require b2bcodext/cms-form-builder

or if you have Composer already installed, just run:

composer require b2bcodext/cms-form-builder

After installation and running oro:platform:update, forms are accessible under Marketing > Cms Forms in the back-office menu. Read more on how you can create your first form.


  • Easily embed your forms in landing pages.
  • Email notifications sent on every form response.
    • Possibility to set different custom email templates per email.
  • Export form responses to CSV.
  • Possibility to add additional CSS to form fields directly from UI.
  • Many field types supported out of the box, like Email (with validation support) or Hidden field. Full list.
    • Especially useful when creating special forms for marketing campaign which gives you possibility to embed custom values (like campaign code) without exposing that to end users
  • Seamless integration with ORO Reports engine. Powerful tool for creating custom reports based on form responses.

Features for developers

Flexibility Driven Development

  • Easy custom validation rules setup via YAML or events. More info.
    • E.g. check if a given email already exists in a system or validate product SKU from Request for Quote form
  • Easily create your own form field types with custom type-specific options and/or custom validation. Have a look at the example.
  • Most of the functionality is covered either with interfaces, events or DI tags which gives you a possibility to inject your code on every single stage of the process.



OSL-3.0 Copyright (c) 2019 Daniel Nahrebecki


CMS Form Builder is a flexible OroCommerce extension that allows you to easily create forms via UI







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