scripts for heteroskedastic tests
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working scripts for heteroskedastic tests
last updated: July, 2015

simple example

from simulations import *
from BTHsuite import *

[maf, n, intercept, beta, sigma2, logalpha,T,c] = [0.2, 300,0, 0.1, 1., 0.2, 1, 0 ]
[genotype, phenotype] = sim_xy(maf, n, intercept, beta, sigma2, logalpha,T,c)

!# compute Bayes Factors using BTH for the generated data
logBF = BTH(genotype,phenotype)
!# compute Bayes Factors for the shuffled data
[genotypePermuted, phenotypePermuted] = special_shuffle2(genotype,phenotype)
logBFperm = BTH(genotypePermuted, phenotypePermuted)