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Rebuild cache for server v3.050

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1 parent f63a9de commit 4f51986cb309453f3a7580ea62250c5e540521da @b2gills committed May 5, 2012
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+ - Fix: All non-trade inflight ships self destruct from an insurrected planet.
- Add: API only, continuous push (waste chain) to local star. Note. no UI support yet.
5 data/glyph.yml
@@ -203,7 +203,10 @@ Black Hole Generator:
This building has not been added to the iphone client.
The black hole generator is said to do a lot of crazy mind bending stuff. With the power of a singularity, it changes the universe by multiplying it with an alternate universe. Here are some evidence-supported features:
When you try to start it you can select one of at least five options for what you want it to do; if it does not fail on startup your choice will happen.  The options we know it will have at some point are listed below.  More options may be out there.
- Possible Side Effects:
+ Side Effects:
+ Side Effects can occur anywhere within the zone and happen when the BHG succeeds and the side effect chance comes up.  Side effects are more random and can be beneficial.
+ Failure Results:
+ Failure effects tend to be non-beneficial.  For example; while a side effect can wind up adding a few plot sizes to a planet, a failure will always subtract plot sizes if that effect happens.
The black hole generator requires kerogen, beryl, anthracite, and monazite glyphs to be built.
Playing Tip: BHGs due to their multiple abilities can be used to customize empire growth and to be used offensively.

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