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bitcoin2network had upgraded its source code to v3.1.0.

Please be advised that version 3.1 upgrade is MANDATORY as old wallets and binaries will not be able to connect with the upgraded network. This mandatory upgrade action was taken to tackle recently conducted attacks on our network.

Version3.1.0 UPGRADE Highlights.

-Daemon Port has changed to 19936 (previous port was 19636)
-Database directory name has changed to "bitcoin2network" (previously was b2n)
-RPC Port has changed to 19935 (previous port was 19635)
-Network UUID has been changed to avoid collision with the old chain
-Fusion Transaction Max Size has changed to approx. 40kb/tx (i.e. 1/3 of Max Transaction Size Limit of 120kb)
-Added a checkpoint at block height 234395 to ensure blockchain data integrity
-All currently active mining pools are now preconfigured in GUI wallet
-Various other network optimization changes have been implemented during v2.2 and now v3.1 code upgrade
-Blockchain Sync issue has been resolved. (All new nodes will now sync without any hiccups: but if you need to save some time on syncing, Bootstrap blockchain data may be downloaded from this link: http://explorer.bitcoin2.network/download/b2n-blockchain.zip)

Attached are the new CLI and GUI wallets.

GUI Wallets
-Linux GUI Wallet v3.1
-Win64 GUI Wallet v3.1
-Win32 GUI Wallet v3.1
-MacOSX HighSierra GUI Wallet v3.1

CLI Wallets
-Linux CLI v3.1
-Win64 CLI v3.1
-Win32 CLI v3.1
-MacOSX CLI HighSierra v3.1

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