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Movie Search Application


  • Go to to start using the API documentation

  • Use OMDb's 'By Search' parameters to return movie data based on the value of the search field. The data should return in JSON format.

  • Display search results on the page. The data should load inside the #movies ul

  • Display a placeholder icon when the API does not return poster data

  • If the search returns no movie data, display the text "No movies found that match: 'title'."

  • Make sure you add code comments to document how your code works

  • Use JSHint (see the link in the Project Resources section) to analyze your JavaScript and identify any errors or code-style problems

  • Make sure your program is free of syntax errors.

Extra Credit

  • Filter the search by year of release

  • Link a movie to its IMDb page. Wrap the poster image -- or everything in the li -- in an anchor tag that links a movie to its page

  • Create a movie description page. Load or link to a description page displaying a movie's title, year, poster, plot information, and IMDb rating

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