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Manage restQL queries
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Running restQL Manager

restQL Manager allows you to easily develop and test new queries, save resources endpoints, check resources status and save queries that can be used by clients just referencing the query's name.

restQL Manager requires a restQL-http running instance.



restQL Manager can be installed with @b2wdigital/restql-manager npm package and run it directely from the shell.

$ npm i -g @b2wdigital/restql-manager
$ restql-manager


The official restQL Manager docker image can be pulled from b2wdigital/restql-manager repository.

Basic usage:

$ docker run -p 9000:9000 b2wdigital/restql-manager:latest

Custom configuration:

$ docker run -p 8080:8080 -e RESTQL_MANAGER_PORT=8080 ... b2wdigital/restql-manager:latest


restQL Manager uses the following environment variables for its configuration:

  • RESTQL_SERVER_URL. This MUST point to a running restQL-http instance
  • RESTQL_MANAGER_PORT. Default is 3000. Set this variable to change the TCP port to be bound.
  • MONGO_URL. This should point to the same mongoDB instances used by the referenced restQL-http.

Development server

To install restQL manager dependecies run:

yarn install

To start the development server, run:

yarn server:start

In another shell, run:

yarn start

Access http://localhost:5000/.

Production build

To build a production bundle, run:

yarn build

You can now start the server:

node src/server

restQL-manager will be available at http://localhost:3000/

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