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Allows an Arduino to use the iRobot Create Open Interface as a device. The Arduino emulates a roomba/Create platform.
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Do want to start using the Robot Operating System TurtleBot but don't have access to a iRobot Roomba or Create platform.

Do you have an Arduino with a AFMotor shield or some other H-Bridge circuit?

Then this libary is for you.

This code allows an Arduino to use the iRobot Open Interface and respond as if it is a Roomba/Create robot.


  • click DOWNLOAD SOURCE from the top right corner.
  • unpack the download.
  • in your sketches folder create a "libraries" folder if one doesn't exist.
  • copy the unpacked OpenInterface folder into that "libraries".
  • restart the the Arduino IDE, you should now see OpenInterface under the "File/Examples" menu.

Look at the example, OIBot.


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