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A blogging system written in Java, feel free to create your or your team own blog. 一个用 Java 实现的博客系统,为你或你的团队创建个博客吧。
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Solo is a professional, simple, stable and good performance open source Java blogging system. You can setup it by yourself (download) or buy our provided service, see here for more details.

Solo 是一个专业、简约、稳定、极速的开源 Java 博客系统。你可以自己搭建使用(下载),也可以通过购买我们搭建好的服务来直接使用,详情请看这里



  • Tags
  • Atom/RSS, Sitemap
  • Comment/Reply email notification
  • Page & Post
  • Markdown/TinyMCE/KindEditor
  • Sticky/Random/Relvant post
  • Permalink
  • Draft, Sign
  • Multiple users, i18n, Themes, Plugins
  • MetaWeblog API


  • Index - Skin (ease) skin-ease
  • Admin - Post (TinyMCE/Markdown)
  • Admin - Skins admin-skins

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  • This software is open sourced under the Apache License 2.0
  • You can not get rid of the "Powered by B3log 开源" from any page, even which you made
  • If you want to use this software for commercial purpose, please mail to for a commercial license request
  • Copyright ©, all rights reserved


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