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Prerequisites of GAE

Getting Java

If necessary, download and install the Java SE Development Kit (JDK) for your platform. Once the JDK is installed, run the following commands from a command prompt (for Windows, Command Prompt; for Mac OS X, Terminal) to verify that you can run the commands, and to determine which version is installed. If you have Java 7 installed, these commands will report a version number similar to 1.7.0. If you have Java 5 installed, the version number will be similar to 1.6.0.

$ java -version

$ javac -version

Getting GAE SDK

Download the Google App Engine Java SDK. Unpack the archive in a convenient location on your hard drive, such as ${GAE.HOME}. Be sure to replace it with the actual path according to the real environment.

Trying a GAE Demo Application

If you are using Windows, start the guest book demo in the development server by running the following command at a command prompt:

${GAE.HOME}\bin\dev_appserver.cmd ${GAE.HOME}\demos\guestbook\war

If you are using Mac OS X or Linux, run the following command:

${GAE.HOME}/bin/ ${GAE.HOME}/demos/guestbook/war


Play B3log in GAE SDK