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😱 我们正在被攻击!
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We are under attack!

本仓库用于记录 B3log 系列站点被 CC 和 DDoS 攻击的记录,不定期更新。

This repository is used to record the records of B3log series sites attacked by CC and DDoS. It is updated from time to time.

使用方式 Usages

使用你服务器的公网 IP,通过 GitHub 提供的搜索功能搜索本库(“In this repository”),从搜索命中结果来判断你的服务器是否已经沦为攻击者的肉鸡。

如果你的 IP 出现在搜索结果中,可通过创建 issue 和我们联系,以便进一步确认细节。

Use the public IP of your server to search the repo ("In this repository") through the search function provided by GitHub, and judge whether your server has become attacker's zombies by searching for hit results.

If your IP appears in the search results, you can contact us via create issue to further confirm the details.

数据来源 Data sources

原始日志数据来自 B3log 正在使用的一些服务:

  • 七牛云融合 CDN 日志
  • 阿里云 DDoS 日志
  • 应用服务器日志

The raw log data comes from some of the services B3log is using:

  • Qiniuyun fusion CDN log
  • Aliyun DDoS Log
  • Application server log

鸣谢 Acknowledgement

  • ip2region:最自由的 IP 地址查询库 The most free IP address query library
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