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This module contains example of resumability mechanism built-in RSocket. It consist of ResumableRequester and ResumableResponder which exchange data using request-stream method from interaction model. The responder expose server on port 7000 while requester connects to the port 7001 In order to run it please use socat with following command:

socat -d TCP-LISTEN:7001,fork,reuseaddr TCP:localhost:7000

It creates a mapping between ports 7000 and 7001, so that the requester can reach the responder. If you would like to simulate network connectivity issues please stop and start socat while applications are running. Then, you should see RESUME and RESUME_OK frames in the logs:

   11:22:22.939 [reactor-tcp-nio-2] DEBUG - [id: 0xa03e0798, L:/ - R:localhost/] Subscribing inbound receiver [pending: 0, cancelled:false, inboundDone: false]
   11:22:22.939 [reactor-tcp-nio-2] DEBUG io.rsocket.resume.ResumableDuplexConnection - client Resumable duplex connection reconnected with connection: io.rsocket.internal.ClientServerInputMultiplexer$InternalDuplexConnection@60ef1f7e
   11:22:22.941 [reactor-tcp-nio-2] DEBUG io.rsocket.resume.ResumableDuplexConnection - Switching transport: client
   11:22:22.941 [reactor-tcp-nio-2] DEBUG io.rsocket.resume.UpstreamFramesSubscriber - Upstream subscriber requestN: 128
   11:22:22.941 [reactor-tcp-nio-2] DEBUG io.rsocket.resume.ClientRSocketSession - Client ResumableConnection reconnected. Sending RESUME frame with state: [impliedPos: 94, pos: 0]
   11:22:22.941 [reactor-tcp-nio-2] DEBUG io.rsocket.FrameLogger - sending -> 
   Frame => Stream ID: 0 Type: RESUME Flags: 0b0 Length: 44
   11:22:22.943 [reactor-tcp-nio-2] DEBUG reactor.netty.ReactorNetty - [id: 0xa03e0798, L:/ - R:localhost/] Added decoder [RSocketLengthCodec] at the end of the user pipeline, full pipeline: [RSocketLengthCodec, reactor.right.reactiveBridge, DefaultChannelPipeline$TailContext#0]
   11:22:22.943 [reactor-tcp-nio-2] DEBUG reactor.netty.resources.PooledConnectionProvider - [id: 0xa03e0798, L:/ - R:localhost/] Channel connected, now 1 active connections and 0 inactive connections
   11:22:22.968 [reactor-tcp-nio-2] DEBUG io.rsocket.FrameLogger - receiving -> 
   Frame => Stream ID: 0 Type: RESUME_OK Flags: 0b0 Length: 14
   11:22:22.968 [reactor-tcp-nio-2] DEBUG io.rsocket.resume.ClientRSocketSession - ResumeOK FRAME received

To find out more about resumability mechanism in RSocket see:

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