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improved the docstring of AdolcProgram.reverse

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commit 684c15c212b5b1daf1af52b50bc88b8f1b40f980 1 parent c0c4cde
@b45ch1 authored
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9 adolc/
@@ -141,8 +141,13 @@ def forward(self, xs, Vs = None, keep = 0):
def reverse(self, Wbars):
- convenience function that internall calls the appropriate adolc functions
- this function can only be called after self.forward has been called with keep > 0
+ This is a convenience function that internally calls the appropriate adolc functions.
+ Since ADOL-C does not support hov_forward with keep = D+1 this function
+ simply stores the input arguments of the AdolcProgram.forward and performs
+ hos_forward sweeps followed by hov_ti_reverse calls.
+ This adds significant overhead.
generic call is:
[Vbar1,Vbar2,...] = self.reverse([Wbar1,Wbar2,...])

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