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@@ -81,11 +81,12 @@ INSTALLATION:
* this should generate ``~workspace/ColPack/build/lib/``.
* run ``./configure --enable-sparse --with-colpack=/home/b45ch1/workspace/ColPack/build``
+ * REMARK: the option ``--enable-sparse`` is used in ADOLC-2.2.1. In ADOLC-2.1.0 it is called ``--with-sparse``.
* run ``make``
* You don't have to run ``make install``.
* You should then have a folder ``~/workspace/ADOL-C-2.1.0/ADOL-C`` with ``adolc/adolc.h`` in it.
* DOWNLAD PYADOLC: ``cd ~`` and then ``git clone git://``
* change to the folder ``~/pyadolc`` and rename the file ```` to ````.
* Adapt ```` to fit your system. In particular, you have to set the paths to your ADOL-C installation and boost python.
* run ``python build``. A new folder with a name similar to ``~/pyadolc/build/lib.linux-x86_64-2.6`` should be generated.

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