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Pullermann has moved ...

It has been renamed and is now called Prophet.


When I first started hacking on this gem, I was looking for a name. But finding a good name is always hard.

  • It should somewhat be connected to what the gem is trying to achieve,
  • it should not yet be taken by another gem or similar product, and
  • it needs to be easy to remember.

Since I was dealing with pull requests, I turned those words around and around, thinking of 'Pullover', 'Puller', '(Bill) Pullman', ... And then it hit me: 'Pullermann'. It satisfied all of my criteria and since it is actually a German euphemism for penis (pullern is a German word for peeing), most people I'm working with would remember that.

Due to recent events in tech and the whole talk about sexism and racism I decided to rename this gem into something more neutral.

Make no mistake, I still don't think that naming a gem 'Pullermann' is sexist. However, I don't want to get involved with all that weirdness that's going on. In my opinion, it's not worth it and won't do anybody good. If you want to help the industry we're working in and reduce sexism or racism, I think that's a good thing. But don't post rants on Twitter or some other website.

Go out, meet and talk to other people. Be the change that you wish to see in others. (Not really a Gandhi quote, but still true.)