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+What this is
+Once upon a time (before Mac OS X 10.6) "Edit in ODBEditor" enabled users to edit any text field using their favorite editor. It was originally written by Allan Odgaard and only supported the TextMate editor. Allan kindly released the source code and it was subsequently modified by Chris Eidhof and Eelco Lempsink to work with any ODB capable editor.
+This repository contains their changes and used to be bundled with the MacVim editor. As of Mac OS X 10.6 Apple made changes to the OS which broke the "Edit in ..." functionality and for this reason the "Edit in ..." code is no longer distributed with MacVim. However, I figured that it can still be useful for anybody running OS X 10.5 or earlier so I've created this project.
+If anybody feels like contributing installation instructions I'll include them in this README. Note that I have not written any of the source code nor will I ever work on this project (I'm only providing this on the off chance that anybody will ever use it).
+Björn Winckler (Aug 2010)

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