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+This tool is used to extract the parameter data from LXB files in ASCII format.
+LXB is the format used by Luminex bead arrays and is based on the FCS v3.0
+standard, see `docs/flow-cytometry-v3_0-standard.txt`.
+Installation and usage
+Type `make` in the root directory of this project. This will generate a binary
+called `lxbread`. For usage instructions type `./lxbread --help`.
+Note that the Makefile calls the `clang` compiler. It should be possible to
+replace this with `gcc` on systems which do not have `clang` installed.
+Important notes
+This tool was written to run as fast as possible and with very specific LXB
+files in mind. It **will not** work with general files based on the FCS v3.0
+standard and it must run on a little endian machine (e.g. Intel is ok, PowerPC
+is not). Adding support for more features of FCS v3.0 and other machines
+should be simple.
+Here are some assumptions made:
+* The LXB file must be smaller than 100 Mb (`$BEGINDATA` and `$ENDDATA` are
+ ignored)
+* The data must be integral, in list mode, and in little endian byte order
+ (`$DATATYPE = I`, `$MODE = L`, `$BYTEORD = 1,2,3,4`)
+* All parameters must be 32 bit (`$PnB = 32`)
+* At most 99 parameters are supported
+* Unicode in the text segment is not supported
+* Keys or values containing the separator character are not supported

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