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" System gvimrc file for MacVim
" Maintainer: Bjorn Winckler <>
" Last Change: Sat Jul 05 2008
" This is a work in progress. If you feel so inclined, please help me improve
" this file.
" Make sure the '<' and 'C' flags are not included in 'cpoptions', otherwise
" <CR> would not be recognized. See ":help 'cpoptions'".
let s:cpo_save = &cpo
set cpo&vim
" Global default options
if !exists("syntax_on")
syntax on
if !exists("colors_name")
" Use the macvim color scheme by default
colorscheme macvim
" Send print jobs to This does not delete the temporary ps file
" that is generated by :hardcopy.
set printexpr=system('open\ -a\ Preview\ '.v:fname_in)\ +\ v:shell_error
" Extra menus
" File menu
aunmenu File.New
aunmenu File.Open\.\.\.
aunmenu File.Close
aunmenu File.-SEP4-
aunmenu File.Exit
aunmenu File.Save-Exit
an <silent> 10.290 File.New\ Window <Nop>
an 10.295 File.New\ Tab :tabnew<CR>
an <silent> 10.310 File.Open\.\.\. <Nop>
an <silent> 10.325 File.Open\ Recent <Nop>
an 10.328 File.-SEP0- <Nop>
an <silent> 10.330 File.Close\ Window<Tab>:qa :conf qa<CR>
an <silent> 10.332 File.Close :conf q<CR>
an <silent> 10.341 File.Save\ All :browse conf wa<CR>
an 10.350 File.Save\ As\.\.\.<Tab>:sav :browse confirm saveas<CR>
" Edit menu
aunmenu Edit.Find
aunmenu Edit.Find\ and\ Replace
an 20.410.10 Edit.Find.Find\.\.\.<Tab>/ /
an 20.410.20 Edit.Find.Find\ Next <Nop>
an 20.410.30 Edit.Find.Find\ Previous <Nop>
vmenu 20.410.35 Edit.Find.Use\ Selection\ for\ Find y:let @/=@"<CR>n
an 20.410.40 Edit.Find.-SEP1- <Nop>
an 20.410.50 Edit.Find.Find\ and\ Replace\.\.\.<Tab>:%s :%s/
vunmenu Edit.Find.Find\ and\ Replace\.\.\.<Tab>:%s
vnoremenu Edit.Find.Find\ and\ Replace\.\.\.<Tab>:s :s/
an 20.460 Edit.-SEP4- <Nop>
an 20.465.10 Edit.Font.Show\ Fonts <Nop>
an 20.465.20 Edit.Font.-SEP5- <Nop>
an 20.465.30 Edit.Font.Bigger <Nop>
an 20.465.40 Edit.Font.Smaller <Nop>
an 20.470 Edit.Special\ Characters\.\.\. <Nop>
" Window menu (should be next to Help so give it a high priority)
aunmenu Window
an <silent> 9900.300 Window.Minimize <Nop>
an <silent> 9900.301 Window.Minimize\ All <Nop>
an <silent> 9900.310 Window.Zoom <Nop>
an <silent> 9900.311 Window.Zoom\ All <Nop>
an <silent> 9900.320 Window.Toggle\ Full\ Screen\ Mode :set invfullscreen<CR>
an 9900.330 Window.-SEP1- <Nop>
" TODO! Grey out if no tabs are visible.
an <silent> 9900.340 Window.Previous\ Tab :tabprevious<CR>
an <silent> 9900.350 Window.Next\ Tab :tabnext<CR>
an 9900.360 Window.-SEP2- <Nop>
an <silent> 9900.370 Window.Bring\ All\ To\ Front <Nop>
" Help menu
an 9999.1 Help.MacVim\ Help :h gui_mac<CR>
an <silent> 9999.2 Help.MacVim\ Website <Nop>
an 9999.3 Help.-sep0- <Nop>
" Toolbar
" These items are special ('*' means zero or more arbitrary characters):
" -space*- an empty space
" -flexspace*- a flexible space
" -*- a separator item
" Remove some items so that all items are visible at the default window size.
"aunmenu ToolBar.Undo
"aunmenu ToolBar.Redo
"aunmenu ToolBar.-sep2-
"aunmenu ToolBar.Cut
"aunmenu ToolBar.Copy
"aunmenu ToolBar.Paste
"aunmenu ToolBar.-sep3-
aunmenu ToolBar.Replace
aunmenu ToolBar.FindNext
aunmenu ToolBar.FindPrev
aunmenu ToolBar.-sep5-
aunmenu ToolBar.-sep6-
aunmenu ToolBar.RunCtags
aunmenu ToolBar.TagJump
"aunmenu ToolBar.-sep7-
aunmenu ToolBar.FindHelp
"an 1.295 ToolBar.-flexspace7- <Nop>
" This is so that HIG Cmd and Option movement mappings can be disabled by
" adding the line
" let macvim_skip_cmd_opt_movement = 1
" to the user .vimrc
if !exists("macvim_skip_cmd_opt_movement")
no <D-Left> <Home>
no! <D-Left> <Home>
no <M-Left> <C-Left>
no! <M-Left> <C-Left>
no <D-Right> <End>
no! <D-Right> <End>
no <M-Right> <C-Right>
no! <M-Right> <C-Right>
no <D-Up> <C-Home>
ino <D-Up> <C-Home>
map <M-Up> {
imap <M-Up> <C-o>{
no <D-Down> <C-End>
ino <D-Down> <C-End>
map <M-Down> }
imap <M-Down> <C-o>}
endif " !exists("macvim_skip_cmd_opt_movement")
" This is so that the HIG shift movement related settings can be enabled by
" adding the line
" let macvim_hig_shift_movement = 1
" to the user .vimrc (not .gvimrc!).
if exists("macvim_hig_shift_movement")
" Shift + special movement key (<S-Left>, etc.) and mouse starts insert mode
set selectmode=mouse,key
set keymodel=startsel,stopsel
" HIG related shift + special movement key mappings
nn <S-D-Left> <S-Home>
vn <S-D-Left> <S-Home>
ino <S-D-Left> <S-Home>
nn <S-M-Left> <S-C-Left>
vn <S-M-Left> <S-C-Left>
ino <S-M-Left> <S-C-Left>
nn <S-D-Right> <S-End>
vn <S-D-Right> <S-End>
ino <S-D-Right> <S-End>
nn <S-M-Right> <S-C-Right>
vn <S-M-Right> <S-C-Right>
ino <S-M-Right> <S-C-Right>
nn <S-D-Up> <S-C-Home>
vn <S-D-Up> <S-C-Home>
ino <S-D-Up> <S-C-Home>
nn <S-D-Down> <S-C-End>
vn <S-D-Down> <S-C-End>
ino <S-D-Down> <S-C-End>
endif " exists("macvim_hig_shift_movement")
" Set up menu key equivalents (these should always have the 'D' modifier set),
" action bindings, and alternate items.
" Note: menu items which should execute an action are bound to <Nop>; the
" action message is specified here via the :macmenu command.
macm File.New\ Window key=<D-n> action=newWindow:
macm File.New\ Tab key=<D-t>
macm File.Open\.\.\. key=<D-o> action=fileOpen:
macm File.Open\ Tab\.\.\. key=<D-T>
macm File.Open\ Recent action=recentFilesDummy:
macm File.Close\ Window key=<D-W>
macm File.Close key=<D-w> action=performClose:
macm File.Save key=<D-s>
macm File.Save\ All key=<D-M-s> alt=YES
macm File.Save\ As\.\.\. key=<D-S>
macm File.Print key=<D-p>
macm Edit.Undo key=<D-z> action=undo:
macm Edit.Redo key=<D-Z> action=redo:
macm Edit.Cut key=<D-x> action=cut:
macm Edit.Copy key=<D-c> action=copy:
macm Edit.Paste key=<D-v> action=paste:
macm Edit.Select\ All key=<D-a> action=selectAll:
macm Edit.Find.Find\.\.\. key=<D-f>
macm Edit.Find.Find\ Next key=<D-g> action=findNext:
macm Edit.Find.Find\ Previous key=<D-G> action=findPrevious:
macm Edit.Find.Use\ Selection\ for\ Find key=<D-e>
macm Edit.Special\ Characters\.\.\. key=<D-M-t>
macm Edit.Font.Show\ Fonts action=orderFrontFontPanel:
macm Edit.Font.Bigger key=<D-=> action=fontSizeUp:
macm Edit.Font.Smaller key=<D--> action=fontSizeDown:
macm Edit.Special\ Characters\.\.\. action=orderFrontCharacterPalette:
macm Tools.Spelling.To\ Next\ error key=<D-;>
macm Tools.Spelling.Suggest\ Corrections key=<D-:>
macm Tools.Make key=<D-b>
macm Tools.List\ Errors key=<D-l>
macm Tools.List\ Messages key=<D-L>
macm Tools.Next\ Error key=<D-C-Right>
macm Tools.Previous\ Error key=<D-C-Left>
macm Tools.Older\ List key=<D-C-Up>
macm Tools.Newer\ List key=<D-C-Down>
macm Window.Minimize key=<D-m> action=performMiniaturize:
macm Window.Minimize\ All key=<D-M-m> action=miniaturizeAll: alt=YES
macm Window.Zoom key=<D-C-z> action=performZoom:
macm Window.Zoom\ All key=<D-M-C-z> action=zoomAll: alt=YES
macm Window.Toggle\ Full\ Screen\ Mode key=<D-F>
macm Window.Previous\ Tab key=<D-{>
macm Window.Next\ Tab key=<D-}>
macm Window.Bring\ All\ To\ Front action=arrangeInFront:
macm Help.MacVim\ Help key=<D-?>
macm Help.MacVim\ Website action=openWebsite:
" Restore the previous value of 'cpoptions'.
let &cpo = s:cpo_save
unlet s:cpo_save
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