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* - See for a description.
extern int remove __ARGS((const char *));
extern int rename __ARGS((const char *, const char *));
extern int free __ARGS((char *));
extern char *malloc __ARGS((unsigned int));
extern char *realloc __ARGS((char *, int));
extern char *getenv __ARGS((char *));
extern int setenv __ARGS((char *, char *, int));
extern int putenv __ARGS((const char *));
#ifndef __TANDEM
extern int gethostname __ARGS((char *, int));
extern void perror __ARGS((char *));
#ifndef __TANDEM
extern int sleep __ARGS((int));
extern int usleep __ARGS((unsigned int));
extern unsigned int alarm __ARGS((unsigned int));
#ifndef __TANDEM
extern int chdir __ARGS((char *));
extern int fchdir __ARGS((int));
#ifndef stat /* could be redefined to stat64() */
extern int stat __ARGS((const char *, struct stat *));
#ifndef lstat /* could be redefined to lstat64() */
extern int lstat __ARGS((const char *, struct stat *));
extern int fstat __ARGS((int, struct stat *));
extern int open __ARGS((const char *, int, ...));
extern int close __ARGS((int));
#ifndef __TANDEM
extern int read __ARGS((int, char *, size_t));
extern int write __ARGS((int, char *, size_t));
extern int pipe __ARGS((int *));
extern off_t lseek __ARGS((int, off_t, int));
extern void sync __ARGS((void));
extern uid_t getuid __ARGS((void));
extern gid_t getgid __ARGS((void));
extern void qsort __ARGS((void *, size_t, size_t, int (*)(const void *, const void *)));
extern int isatty __ARGS((int));
extern int getpid __ARGS((void));
extern int dup __ARGS((int));
extern int unlink __ARGS((const char *));
extern int link __ARGS((const char *, const char *));
extern int mkdir __ARGS((const char *, mode_t));
extern int rmdir __ARGS((const char *));
extern int tgetent __ARGS((char *, char *));
extern int tgetnum __ARGS((char *));
extern int tgetflag __ARGS((char *));
extern char *tgoto __ARGS((char *, int, int));
extern int tputs __ARGS((char *, int, int (*)(int)));
struct termios; /* for tcgetattr __ARGS */
extern int tcgetattr __ARGS((int, struct termios *));
extern int tcsetattr __ARGS((int, int, const struct termios *));
struct statfs; /* for fstatfs __ARGS */
extern int fstatfs __ARGS((int, struct statfs *, int, int));
struct timeval; /* for gettimeofday __ARGS */
struct timezone; /* for gettimeofday __ARGS */
extern int gettimeofday __ARGS((struct timeval *tp, struct timezone *tzp));
extern time_t time __ARGS((time_t *));
struct passwd; /* for getpwnam __ARGS */
extern struct passwd *getpwnam __ARGS((const char *));
extern char *tmpnam __ARGS((char *));
extern char *mktemp __ARGS((char *));
#ifdef ISC
extern int _Xmblen __ARGS((char const *, size_t));
/* This is different from the header but matches mblen() */
extern int _Xmblen __ARGS((char *, size_t));
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