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keymap files for Vim
One of these files is loaded when the 'keymap' option is set.
The name of the file consists of these parts:
{language} Name of the language (e.g., "hebrew", "greek")
{layout} Optional: name of the keyboard layout (e.g., "spanish",
"russian3"). When omitted the layout of the standard
US-english keyboard is assumed.
{encoding} Optional: character encoding for which this keymap works.
When omitted the "normal" encoding for the language is
Use the value the 'encoding' option: lower case only, use '-'
instead of '_'.
Each file starts with a header, naming the maintainer and the date when it was
last changed. If you find a problem in a keymap file, check if you have the
most recent version. If necessary, report a problem to the maintainer.
The format of the keymap lines below "loadkeymap" is explained in the Vim help
files, see ":help keymap-file-format".
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