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" Menu Translations: Afrikaas
" Maintainer: Danie Roux <>
" Last Change: 2012 May 01
" Quit when menu translations have already been done.
if exists("did_menu_trans")
let did_menu_trans = 1
let s:keepcpo= &cpo
set cpo&vim
" The translations below are in latin1, but they work for cp1252 and
" iso-8859-15 without conversion as well.
if &enc != "cp1252" && &enc != "iso-8859-15"
scriptencoding latin1
" Help menu
menutrans &Help &Hulp
menutrans &Overview<Tab><F1> &Oorsig<Tab><F1>
menutrans &How-to\ links &How-to\ Indeks
"menutrans &GUI &GUI
menutrans &Credits &Met\ dank\ aan
menutrans Co&pying &Kopiereg
menutrans &Find\.\.\. &Soek\.\.\.
menutrans &Version &Weergawe
menutrans &About &Inleiding\ skerm
" File menu
menutrans &File &Lêer
menutrans &Open\.\.\.<Tab>:e &Open\.\.\.<Tab>:e
menutrans Sp&lit-Open\.\.\.<Tab>:sp Maak\ oop\ in\ nuwe\ &venster\.\.\.<Tab>:sp
menutrans &New<Tab>:enew &Nuut<Tab>:enew
menutrans &Close<Tab>:close Maak\ &Toe<Tab>:close
menutrans &Save<Tab>:w &Skryf<Tab>:w
menutrans Save\ &As\.\.\.<Tab>:w Skryf\ &as\.\.\.<Tab>:w
menutrans &Print &Druk
menutrans Sa&ve-Exit<Tab>:wqa Skryf\ en\ verlaat<Tab>:wqa
menutrans E&xit<Tab>:qa &Verlaat<Tab>:qa
" Edit menu
menutrans &Edit &Wysig
menutrans &Undo<Tab>u Terug<Tab>u
menutrans &Redo<Tab>^R Voo&ruit<Tab>^R
menutrans Rep&eat<Tab>\. &Herhaal<Tab>\.
menutrans Cu&t<Tab>"+x &Knip<Tab>"+x
menutrans &Copy<Tab>"+y &Kopiëer<Tab>"+y
menutrans &Paste<Tab>"+gP Plak<Tab>"+gP
menutrans Put\ &Before<Tab>[p Voeg\ &Voor\ in<Tab>[p
menutrans Put\ &After<Tab>]p Voeg\ A&gter\ in<Tab>]p
menutrans &Select\ all<Tab>ggVG Kies\ &Alles<Tab>ggVG
menutrans &Find\.\.\. &Soek\.\.\.
menutrans Find\ and\ Rep&lace\.\.\. Soek\ en\ Vervang\.\.\.
menutrans Options\.\.\. Opsies\.\.\.
" Programming menu
menutrans &Tools &Gereedskap
menutrans &Jump\ to\ this\ tag<Tab>g^] &Spring\ na\ Etiket<Tab>g^]
menutrans Jump\ &back<Tab>^T Spring\ &Terug<Tab>^T
menutrans Build\ &Tags\ File Genereer\ &Etiket\ Leêr
menutrans &Make<Tab>:make Voer\ &Make\ uit<Tab>:make
menutrans &List\ Errors<Tab>:cl &Foutlys<Tab>:cl
menutrans L&ist\ Messages<Tab>:cl! &Boodskaplys<Tab>:cl!
menutrans &Next\ Error<Tab>:cn Volgende\ Fout<Tab>:cn
menutrans &Previous\ Error<Tab>:cp Vorige\ Fout<Tab>:cp
menutrans &Older\ List<Tab>:cold &Ouer\ Lys<Tab>:cold
menutrans N&ewer\ List<Tab>:cnew &Nuwer\ Lys<Tab>:cnew
menutrans Error\ &Window<Tab>:cwin Foute\ Venster<Tab>:cwin
menutrans Convert\ to\ HEX<Tab>:%!xxd Verwissel\ na\ HEX<Tab>:%!xxd
menutrans Convert\ back<Tab>:%!xxd\ -r Verwissel\ terug<Tab>:%!xxd\ -r
" Names for buffer menu.
menutrans &Buffers &Buffers
menutrans Refresh Verfris
menutrans Delete Verwyder
menutrans Alternate Vorige
menutrans [No\ File] [Geen\ Leêr]
" Window menu
menutrans &Window &Venster
menutrans &New<Tab>^Wn &Nuut<Tab>^Wn
menutrans S&plit<Tab>^Ws Ver&deel<Tab>^Ws
menutrans Sp&lit\ To\ #<Tab>^W^^ Verdeel\ N&a\ #<Tab>^W^^
menutrans Split\ &Vertically<Tab>^Wv Verdeel\ Vertikaal<Tab>^Wv
menutrans &Close<Tab>^Wc &Maak\ toe<Tab>^Wc
menutrans Close\ &Other(s)<Tab>^Wo Maak\ &Ander\ Toe<Tab>^Wo
menutrans Ne&xt<Tab>^Ww Volgende<Tab>^Ww
menutrans P&revious<Tab>^WW &Vorige<Tab>^WW
menutrans &Equal\ Size<Tab>^W= &Gelyke\ hoogte<Tab>^W=
menutrans &Max\ Height<Tab>^W_ &Maksimale\ hoogte<Tab>^W_
menutrans M&in\ Height<Tab>^W1_ Mi&nimale\ hoogte<Tab>^W1_
menutrans Max\ Width<Tab>^W\| Maksimale\ breedte<Tab>^W\|
menutrans Min\ Width<Tab>^W1\| Minimale\ breedte<Tab>^W1\|
menutrans Rotate\ &Up<Tab>^WR Roteer\ na\ &bo<Tab>^WR
menutrans Rotate\ &Down<Tab>^Wr Roteer\ na\ &onder<Tab>^Wr
menutrans Select\ Fo&nt\.\.\. Kies\ font\.\.\.
" The popup menu
menutrans &Undo &Terug
menutrans Cu&t Knip
menutrans &Copy &Kopiëer
menutrans &Paste &Plak
menutrans &Delete &Verwyder
menutrans Select\ Blockwise Kies\ per\ Blok
menutrans Select\ &Word Kies\ een\ &Woord
menutrans Select\ &Line Kies\ een\ &Reël
menutrans Select\ &Block Kies\ een\ &Blok
menutrans Select\ &All Kies\ &Alles
" The GUI toolbar
if has("toolbar")
if exists("*Do_toolbar_tmenu")
delfun Do_toolbar_tmenu
fun Do_toolbar_tmenu()
tmenu ToolBar.Open Maak leêr oop
tmenu ToolBar.Save Skryf leêr
tmenu ToolBar.SaveAll Skryf alle leêrs
tmenu ToolBar.Print Druk
tmenu ToolBar.Undo Terug
tmenu ToolBar.Redo Vooruit
tmenu ToolBar.Cut Knip
tmenu ToolBar.Copy Kopiëer
tmenu ToolBar.Paste Plak
tmenu ToolBar.Find Soek...
tmenu ToolBar.FindNext Soek volgende
tmenu ToolBar.FindPrev Soek vorige
tmenu ToolBar.Replace Soek en vervang...
tmenu ToolBar.LoadSesn Laai sessie
tmenu ToolBar.SaveSesn Stoor sessie
tmenu ToolBar.RunScript Voer vim skrip uit
tmenu ToolBar.Make Voer make uit
tmenu ToolBar.Shell Begin dop
tmenu ToolBar.RunCtags Genereer etikette
tmenu ToolBar.TagJump Spring na etiket
tmenu ToolBar.Help Hulp
tmenu ToolBar.FindHelp Soek hulp...
" Syntax menu
menutrans &Syntax &Sintaks
menutrans Set\ 'syntax'\ only Stel\ slegs\ 'syntax'
menutrans Set\ 'filetype'\ too Verander\ 'filetype'\ ook
menutrans &Off &Af
menutrans &Manual &Met\ die\ hand
menutrans A&utomatic O&utomaties
menutrans o&n\ (this\ file) Aa&n\ (die\ leêr)
menutrans o&ff\ (this\ file) &Af\ (die\ leêr)
menutrans Co&lor\ test Toets\ die\ &kleure
menutrans &Highlight\ test Toets\ die\ verligting
menutrans &Convert\ to\ HTML Verwissel\ na\ HTML
let &cpo = s:keepcpo
unlet s:keepcpo
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