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This directory contains Vim scripts for syntax highlighting.
These scripts are not for a language, but are used by Vim itself:
syntax.vim Used for the ":syntax on" command. Uses synload.vim.
manual.vim Used for the ":syntax manual" command. Uses synload.vim.
synload.vim Contains autocommands to load a language file when a certain
file name (extension) is used. And sets up the Syntax menu
for the GUI.
nosyntax.vim Used for the ":syntax off" command. Undo the loading of
A few special files:
2html.vim Converts any highlighted file to HTML (GUI only).
colortest.vim Check for color names and actual color on screen.
hitest.vim View the current highlight settings.
whitespace.vim View Tabs and Spaces.
If you want to write a syntax file, read the docs at ":help usr_44.txt".
If you make a new syntax file which would be useful for others, please send it
to Include instructions for detecting the file type for this
language, by file name extension or by checking a few lines in the file.
And please write the file in a portable way, see ":help 44.12".
If you have remarks about an existing file, send them to the maintainer of
that file. Only when you get no response send a message to
If you are the maintainer of a syntax file and make improvements, send the new
version to
For further info see ":help syntax" in Vim.
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