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" Vim syntax file
" Language: Conary Recipe
" Maintainer: rPath Inc <>
" Updated: 2007-12-08
if exists("b:current_syntax")
runtime! syntax/python.vim
syn keyword conarySFunction mainDir addAction addSource addArchive addPatch
syn keyword conarySFunction addRedirect addSvnSnapshot addMercurialSnapshot
syn keyword conarySFunction addCvsSnapshot addGitSnapshot addBzrSnapshot
syn keyword conaryGFunction add addAll addNewGroup addReference createGroup
syn keyword conaryGFunction addNewGroup startGroup remove removeComponents
syn keyword conaryGFunction replace setByDefault setDefaultGroup
syn keyword conaryGFunction setLabelPath addCopy setSearchPath AddAllFlags
syn keyword conaryGFunction GroupRecipe GroupReference TroveCacheWrapper
syn keyword conaryGFunction TroveCache buildGroups findTrovesForGroups
syn keyword conaryGFunction followRedirect processAddAllDirectives
syn keyword conaryGFunction processOneAddAllDirective removeDifferences
syn keyword conaryGFunction addTrovesToGroup addCopiedComponents
syn keyword conaryGFunction findAllWeakTrovesToRemove checkForRedirects
syn keyword conaryGFunction addPackagesForComponents getResolveSource
syn keyword conaryGFunction resolveGroupDependencies checkGroupDependencies
syn keyword conaryGFunction calcSizeAndCheckHashes findSourcesForGroup
syn keyword conaryGFunction addPostInstallScript addPostRollbackScript
syn keyword conaryGFunction addPostUpdateScript addPreUpdateScript
syn keyword conaryGFunction addTrove moveComponents copyComponents
syn keyword conaryGFunction removeItemsAlsoInNewGroup removeItemsAlsoInGroup
syn keyword conaryGFunction addResolveSource iterReplaceSpecs
syn keyword conaryGFunction setCompatibilityClass getLabelPath
syn keyword conaryGFunction getResolveTroveSpecs getSearchFlavor
syn keyword conaryGFunction getChildGroups getGroupMap
syn keyword conaryBFunction Run Automake Configure ManualConfigure
syn keyword conaryBFunction Make MakeParallelSubdir MakeInstall
syn keyword conaryBFunction MakePathsInstall CompilePython
syn keyword conaryBFunction Ldconfig Desktopfile Environment SetModes
syn keyword conaryBFunction Install Copy Move Symlink Link Remove Doc
syn keyword conaryBFunction Create MakeDirs disableParallelMake
syn keyword conaryBFunction ConsoleHelper Replace SGMLCatalogEntry
syn keyword conaryBFunction XInetdService XMLCatalogEntry TestSuite
syn keyword conaryBFunction PythonSetup CMake Ant JavaCompile ClassPath
syn keyword conaryBFunction JavaDoc IncludeLicense MakeFIFO
syn keyword conaryPFunction NonBinariesInBindirs FilesInMandir
syn keyword conaryPFunction ImproperlyShared CheckSonames CheckDestDir
syn keyword conaryPFunction ComponentSpec PackageSpec
syn keyword conaryPFunction Config InitScript GconfSchema SharedLibrary
syn keyword conaryPFunction ParseManifest MakeDevices DanglingSymlinks
syn keyword conaryPFunction AddModes WarnWriteable IgnoredSetuid
syn keyword conaryPFunction Ownership ExcludeDirectories
syn keyword conaryPFunction BadFilenames BadInterpreterPaths ByDefault
syn keyword conaryPFunction ComponentProvides ComponentRequires Flavor
syn keyword conaryPFunction EnforceConfigLogBuildRequirements Group
syn keyword conaryPFunction EnforceSonameBuildRequirements InitialContents
syn keyword conaryPFunction FilesForDirectories LinkCount
syn keyword conaryPFunction MakdeDevices NonMultilibComponent ObsoletePaths
syn keyword conaryPFunction NonMultilibDirectories NonUTF8Filenames TagSpec
syn keyword conaryPFunction Provides RequireChkconfig Requires TagHandler
syn keyword conaryPFunction TagDescription Transient User UtilizeGroup
syn keyword conaryPFunction WorldWritableExecutables UtilizeUser
syn keyword conaryPFunction WarnWritable Strip CheckDesktopFiles
syn keyword conaryPFunction FixDirModes LinkType reportMissingBuildRequires
syn keyword conaryPFunction reportErrors FixupManpagePaths FixObsoletePaths
syn keyword conaryPFunction NonLSBPaths PythonEggs
syn keyword conaryPFunction EnforcePythonBuildRequirements
syn keyword conaryPFunction EnforceJavaBuildRequirements
syn keyword conaryPFunction EnforceCILBuildRequirements
syn keyword conaryPFunction EnforcePerlBuildRequirements
syn keyword conaryPFunction EnforceFlagBuildRequirements
syn keyword conaryPFunction FixupMultilibPaths ExecutableLibraries
syn keyword conaryPFunction NormalizeLibrarySymlinks NormalizeCompression
syn keyword conaryPFunction NormalizeManPages NormalizeInfoPages
syn keyword conaryPFunction NormalizeInitscriptLocation
syn keyword conaryPFunction NormalizeInitscriptContents
syn keyword conaryPFunction NormalizeAppDefaults NormalizeInterpreterPaths
syn keyword conaryPFunction NormalizePamConfig ReadableDocs
syn keyword conaryPFunction WorldWriteableExecutables NormalizePkgConfig
syn keyword conaryPFunction EtcConfig InstallBucket SupplementalGroup
syn keyword conaryPFunction FixBuilddirSymlink RelativeSymlinks
" Most destdirPolicy aren't called from recipes, except for these
syn keyword conaryPFunction AutoDoc RemoveNonPackageFiles TestSuiteFiles
syn keyword conaryPFunction TestSuiteLinks
syn match conaryMacro "%(\w\+)[sd]" contained
syn match conaryBadMacro "%(\w*)[^sd]" contained " no final marker
syn keyword conaryArches contained x86 x86_64 alpha ia64 ppc ppc64 s390
syn keyword conaryArches contained sparc sparc64
syn keyword conarySubArches contained sse2 3dnow 3dnowext cmov i486 i586
syn keyword conarySubArches contained i686 mmx mmxext nx sse sse2
syn keyword conaryBad RPM_BUILD_ROOT EtcConfig InstallBucket subDir
syn keyword conaryBad RPM_OPT_FLAGS subdir
syn cluster conaryArchFlags contains=conaryArches,conarySubArches
syn match conaryArch "Arch\.[a-z0-9A-Z]\+" contains=conaryArches,conarySubArches
syn match conaryArch "Arch\.[a-z0-9A-Z]\+" contains=conaryArches,conarySubArches
syn keyword conaryKeywords name buildRequires version clearBuildReqs
syn keyword conaryUseFlag contained pcre tcpwrappers gcj gnat selinux pam
syn keyword conaryUseFlag contained bootstrap python perl
syn keyword conaryUseFlag contained readline gdbm emacs krb builddocs
syn keyword conaryUseFlag contained alternatives tcl tk X gtk gnome qt
syn keyword conaryUseFlag contained xfce gd ldap sasl pie desktop ssl kde
syn keyword conaryUseFlag contained slang netpbm nptl ipv6 buildtests
syn keyword conaryUseFlag contained ntpl xen dom0 domU
syn match conaryUse "Use\.[a-z0-9A-Z]\+" contains=conaryUseFlag
" strings
syn region pythonString matchgroup=Normal start=+[uU]\='+ end=+'+ skip=+\\\\\|\\'+ contains=pythonEscape,conaryMacro,conaryBadMacro
syn region pythonString matchgroup=Normal start=+[uU]\="+ end=+"+ skip=+\\\\\|\\"+ contains=pythonEscape,conaryMacro,conaryBadMacro
syn region pythonString matchgroup=Normal start=+[uU]\="""+ end=+"""+ contains=pythonEscape,conaryMacro,conaryBadMacro
syn region pythonString matchgroup=Normal start=+[uU]\='''+ end=+'''+ contains=pythonEscape,conaryMacro,conaryBadMacro
syn region pythonRawString matchgroup=Normal start=+[uU]\=[rR]'+ end=+'+ skip=+\\\\\|\\'+ contains=conaryMacro,conaryBadMacro
syn region pythonRawString matchgroup=Normal start=+[uU]\=[rR]"+ end=+"+ skip=+\\\\\|\\"+ contains=conaryMacro,conaryBadMacro
syn region pythonRawString matchgroup=Normal start=+[uU]\=[rR]"""+ end=+"""+ contains=conaryMacro,conaryBadMacro
syn region pythonRawString matchgroup=Normal start=+[uU]\=[rR]'''+ end=+'''+ contains=conaryMacro,conaryBadMacro
hi def link conaryMacro Special
hi def link conaryrecipeFunction Function
hi def link conaryError Error
hi def link conaryBFunction conaryrecipeFunction
hi def link conaryGFunction conaryrecipeFunction
hi def link conarySFunction Operator
hi def link conaryPFunction Typedef
hi def link conaryFlags PreCondit
hi def link conaryArches Special
hi def link conarySubArches Special
hi def link conaryBad conaryError
hi def link conaryBadMacro conaryError
hi def link conaryKeywords Special
hi def link conaryUseFlag Typedef
let b:current_syntax = "conaryrecipe"
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