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" Vim syntax file
" Language: .desktop, .directory files
" according to specification 0.9.4
" Maintainer: Mikolaj Machowski ( mikmach AT wp DOT pl )
" Last Change: 2004 May 16
" Version Info: desktop.vim 0.9.4-1.2
" For version 5.x: Clear all syntax items
" For version 6.x: Quit when a syntax file was already loaded
if version < 600
syntax clear
elseif exists("b:current_syntax")
" This syntax file can be used to all *nix configuration files similar to dos
" ini format (eg. .xawtv, .radio, kde rc files) - this is default mode. But
" you can also enforce strict following of standard for
" .desktop and .directory files . Set (eg. in vimrc)
" let enforce_freedesktop_standard = 1
" and nonstandard extensions not following X- notation will not be highlighted.
if exists("enforce_freedesktop_standard")
let b:enforce_freedesktop_standard = 1
let b:enforce_freedesktop_standard = 0
" case on
syn case match
" General
if b:enforce_freedesktop_standard == 0
syn match dtNotStLabel "^.\{-}=\@=" nextgroup=dtDelim
syn match dtGroup /^\s*\[.*\]/
syn match dtComment /^\s*#.*$/
syn match dtDelim /=/ contained
" Locale
syn match dtLocale /^\s*\<\(Name\|GenericName\|Comment\|SwallowTitle\|Icon\|UnmountIcon\)\>.*/ contains=dtLocaleKey,dtLocaleName,dtDelim transparent
syn keyword dtLocaleKey Name GenericName Comment SwallowTitle Icon UnmountIcon nextgroup=dtLocaleName containedin=dtLocale
syn match dtLocaleName /\(\[.\{-}\]\s*=\@=\|\)/ nextgroup=dtDelim containedin=dtLocale contained
" Numeric
syn match dtNumeric /^\s*\<Version\>/ contains=dtNumericKey,dtDelim
syn keyword dtNumericKey Version nextgroup=dtDelim containedin=dtNumeric contained
" Boolean
syn match dtBoolean /^\s*\<\(StartupNotify\|ReadOnly\|Terminal\|Hidden\|NoDisplay\)\>.*/ contains=dtBooleanKey,dtDelim,dtBooleanValue transparent
syn keyword dtBooleanKey StartupNotify ReadOnly Terminal Hidden NoDisplay nextgroup=dtDelim containedin=dtBoolean contained
syn keyword dtBooleanValue true false containedin=dtBoolean contained
" String
syn match dtString /^\s*\<\(Encoding\|Icon\|Path\|Actions\|FSType\|MountPoint\|UnmountIcon\|URL\|Categories\|OnlyShowIn\|NotShowIn\|StartupWMClass\|FilePattern\|MimeType\)\>.*/ contains=dtStringKey,dtDelim transparent
syn keyword dtStringKey Type Encoding TryExec Exec Path Actions FSType MountPoint URL Categories OnlyShowIn NotShowIn StartupWMClass FilePattern MimeType nextgroup=dtDelim containedin=dtString contained
" Exec
syn match dtExec /^\s*\<\(Exec\|TryExec\|SwallowExec\)\>.*/ contains=dtExecKey,dtDelim,dtExecParam transparent
syn keyword dtExecKey Exec TryExec SwallowExec nextgroup=dtDelim containedin=dtExec contained
syn match dtExecParam /%[fFuUnNdDickv]/ containedin=dtExec contained
" Type
syn match dtType /^\s*\<Type\>.*/ contains=dtTypeKey,dtDelim,dtTypeValue transparent
syn keyword dtTypeKey Type nextgroup=dtDelim containedin=dtType contained
syn keyword dtTypeValue Application Link FSDevice Directory containedin=dtType contained
" X-Addition
syn match dtXAdd /^\s*X-.*/ contains=dtXAddKey,dtDelim transparent
syn match dtXAddKey /^\s*X-.\{-}\s*=\@=/ nextgroup=dtDelim containedin=dtXAdd contains=dtXLocale contained
" Locale for X-Addition
syn match dtXLocale /\[.\{-}\]\s*=\@=/ containedin=dtXAddKey contained
" Locale for all
syn match dtALocale /\[.\{-}\]\s*=\@=/ containedin=ALL
" Define the default highlighting.
" For version 5.7 and earlier: only when not done already
" For version 5.8 and later: only when an item doesn't have highlighting yet
if version >= 508 || !exists("did_desktop_syntax_inits")
if version < 508
let did_dosini_syntax_inits = 1
command -nargs=+ HiLink hi link <args>
command -nargs=+ HiLink hi def link <args>
HiLink dtGroup Special
HiLink dtComment Comment
HiLink dtDelim String
HiLink dtLocaleKey Type
HiLink dtLocaleName Identifier
HiLink dtXLocale Identifier
HiLink dtALocale Identifier
HiLink dtNumericKey Type
HiLink dtBooleanKey Type
HiLink dtBooleanValue Constant
HiLink dtStringKey Type
HiLink dtExecKey Type
HiLink dtExecParam Special
HiLink dtTypeKey Type
HiLink dtTypeValue Constant
HiLink dtNotStLabel Type
HiLink dtXAddKey Type
delcommand HiLink
let b:current_syntax = "desktop"
" vim:ts=8
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