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" Vim syntax file
" Language: gpg(1) configuration file
" Maintainer: Nikolai Weibull <>
" Latest Revision: 2010-10-14
if exists("b:current_syntax")
let s:cpo_save = &cpo
set cpo&vim
setlocal iskeyword+=-
syn keyword gpgTodo contained FIXME TODO XXX NOTE
syn region gpgComment contained display oneline start='#' end='$'
\ contains=gpgTodo,gpgID,@Spell
syn match gpgID contained display '\<\(0x\)\=\x\{8,}\>'
syn match gpgBegin display '^' skipwhite nextgroup=gpgComment,gpgOption,gpgCommand
syn keyword gpgCommand contained skipwhite nextgroup=gpgArg
\ check-sigs decrypt decrypt-files delete-key
\ delete-secret-and-public-key delete-secret-key
\ edit-key encrypt-files export export-all
\ export-ownertrust export-secret-keys
\ export-secret-subkeys fast-import fingerprint
\ gen-prime gen-random import import-ownertrust
\ list-keys list-public-keys list-secret-keys
\ list-sigs lsign-key nrsign-key print-md print-mds
\ recv-keys search-keys send-keys sign-key verify
\ verify-files
syn keyword gpgCommand contained skipwhite nextgroup=gpgArgError
\ check-trustdb clearsign desig-revoke detach-sign
\ encrypt gen-key gen-revoke help list-packets
\ rebuild-keydb-caches sign store symmetric
\ update-trustdb version warranty
syn keyword gpgOption contained skipwhite nextgroup=gpgArg
\ attribute-fd cert-digest-algo charset cipher-algo
\ command-fd comment completes-needed compress
\ compress-algo debug default-cert-check-level
\ default-key default-preference-list
\ default-recipient digest-algo disable-cipher-algo
\ disable-pubkey-algo encrypt-to exec-path
\ export-options group homedir import-options
\ keyring keyserver keyserver-options load-extension
\ local-user logger-fd marginals-needed max-cert-depth
\ notation-data options output override-session-key
\ passphrase-fd personal-cipher-preferences
\ personal-compress-preferences
\ personal-digest-preferences photo-viewer
\ recipient s2k-cipher-algo s2k-digest-algo s2k-mode
\ secret-keyring set-filename set-policy-url status-fd
\ trusted-key verify-options keyid-format list-options
syn keyword gpgOption contained skipwhite nextgroup=gpgArgError
\ allow-freeform-uid allow-non-selfsigned-uid
\ allow-secret-key-import always-trust
\ armor ask-cert-expire ask-sig-expire
\ auto-check-trustdb batch debug-all default-comment
\ default-recipient-self dry-run emit-version
\ emulate-md-encode-bug enable-special-filenames
\ escape-from-lines expert fast-list-mode
\ fixed-list-mode for-your-eyes-only
\ force-mdc force-v3-sigs force-v4-certs
\ gpg-agent-info ignore-crc-error ignore-mdc-error
\ ignore-time-conflict ignore-valid-from interactive
\ list-only lock-multiple lock-never lock-once
\ merge-only no no-allow-non-selfsigned-uid
\ no-armor no-ask-cert-expire no-ask-sig-expire
\ no-auto-check-trustdb no-batch no-comment
\ no-default-keyring no-default-recipient
\ no-encrypt-to no-expensive-trust-checks
\ no-expert no-for-your-eyes-only no-force-v3-sigs
\ no-force-v4-certs no-greeting no-literal
\ no-mdc-warning no-options no-permission-warning
\ no-pgp2 no-pgp6 no-pgp7 no-random-seed-file
\ no-secmem-warning no-show-notation no-show-photos
\ no-show-policy-url no-sig-cache no-sig-create-check
\ no-sk-comments no-tty no-utf8-strings no-verbose
\ no-version not-dash-escaped openpgp pgp2
\ pgp6 pgp7 preserve-permissions quiet rfc1991
\ set-filesize show-keyring show-notation show-photos
\ show-policy-url show-session-key simple-sk-checksum
\ sk-comments skip-verify textmode throw-keyid
\ try-all-secrets use-agent use-embedded-filename
\ utf8-strings verbose with-colons with-fingerprint
\ with-key-data yes
syn match gpgArg contained display '\S\+\(\s\+\S\+\)*' contains=gpgID
syn match gpgArgError contained display '\S\+\(\s\+\S\+\)*'
hi def link gpgComment Comment
hi def link gpgTodo Todo
hi def link gpgID Number
hi def link gpgOption Keyword
hi def link gpgCommand Error
hi def link gpgArgError Error
let b:current_syntax = "gpg"
let &cpo = s:cpo_save
unlet s:cpo_save
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