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" Vim syntax file
" Language: JAL
" Version: 0.1
" Last Change: 2003 May 11
" Maintainer: Mark Gross <>
" This is a syntax definition for the JAL language.
" It is based on the Source Forge compiler source code.
" TODO test.
" For version 5.x: Clear all syntax items
" For version 6.x: Quit when a syntax file was already loaded
if version < 600
syntax clear
elseif exists("b:current_syntax")
syn case ignore
syn sync lines=250
syn keyword picTodo NOTE TODO XXX contained
syn match picIdentifier "[a-z_$][a-z0-9_$]*"
syn match picLabel "^[A-Z_$][A-Z0-9_$]*"
syn match picLabel "^[A-Z_$][A-Z0-9_$]*:"me=e-1
syn match picASCII "A\='.'"
syn match picBinary "B'[0-1]\+'"
syn match picDecimal "D'\d\+'"
syn match picDecimal "\d\+"
syn match picHexadecimal "0x\x\+"
syn match picHexadecimal "H'\x\+'"
syn match picHexadecimal "[0-9]\x*h"
syn match picOctal "O'[0-7]\o*'"
syn match picComment ";.*" contains=picTodo
syn region picString start=+"+ end=+"+
syn keyword picRegister indf tmr0 pcl status fsr port_a port_b port_c port_d port_e x84_eedata x84_eeadr pclath intcon
syn keyword picRegister f877_tmr1l f877_tmr1h f877_t1con f877_t2con f877_ccpr1l f877_ccpr1h f877_ccp1con
syn keyword picRegister f877_pir1 f877_pir2 f877_pie1 f877_adcon1 f877_adcon0 f877_pr2 f877_adresl f877_adresh
syn keyword picRegister f877_eeadr f877_eedath f877_eeadrh f877_eedata f877_eecon1 f877_eecon2 f628_EECON2
syn keyword picRegister f877_rcsta f877_txsta f877_spbrg f877_txreg f877_rcreg f628_EEDATA f628_EEADR f628_EECON1
" Register --- bits
syn keyword picRegisterPart status_c status_dc status_z status_pd
syn keyword picRegisterPart status_to status_rp0 status_rp1 status_irp
" pins
syn keyword picRegisterPart pin_a0 pin_a1 pin_a2 pin_a3 pin_a4 pin_a5
syn keyword picRegisterPart pin_b0 pin_b1 pin_b2 pin_b3 pin_b4 pin_b5 pin_b6 pin_b7
syn keyword picRegisterPart pin_c0 pin_c1 pin_c2 pin_c3 pin_c4 pin_c5 pin_c6 pin_c7
syn keyword picRegisterPart pin_d0 pin_d1 pin_d2 pin_d3 pin_d4 pin_d5 pin_d6 pin_d7
syn keyword picRegisterPart pin_e0 pin_e1 pin_e2
syn keyword picPortDir port_a_direction port_b_direction port_c_direction port_d_direction port_e_direction
syn match picPinDir "pin_a[012345]_direction"
syn match picPinDir "pin_b[01234567]_direction"
syn match picPinDir "pin_c[01234567]_direction"
syn match picPinDir "pin_d[01234567]_direction"
syn match picPinDir "pin_e[012]_direction"
syn keyword picRegisterPart intcon_gie intcon_eeie intcon_peie intcon_t0ie intcon_inte
syn keyword picRegisterPart intcon_rbie intcon_t0if intcon_intf intcon_rbif
syn keyword picRegisterPart t1ckps1 t1ckps0 t1oscen t1sync tmr1cs tmr1on tmr1ie tmr1if
"cpp bits
syn keyword picRegisterPart ccp1x ccp1y
" adcon bits
syn keyword picRegisterPart adcon0_go adcon0_ch0 adcon0_ch1 adcon0_ch2
syn keyword picRegisterPart eecon1_rd eecon1_wr eecon1_wren eecon1_wrerr eecon1_eepgd
syn keyword picRegisterPart f628_eecon1_rd f628_eecon1_wr f628_eecon1_wren f628_eecon1_wrerr
" usart
syn keyword picRegisterPart tx9 txen sync brgh tx9d
syn keyword picRegisterPart spen rx9 cren ferr oerr rx9d
syn keyword picRegisterPart TXIF RCIF
" OpCodes...
syn keyword picOpcode addlw andlw call clrwdt goto iorlw movlw option retfie retlw return sleep sublw tris
syn keyword picOpcode xorlw addwf andwf clrf clrw comf decf decfsz incf incfsz retiw iorwf movf movwf nop
syn keyword picOpcode rlf rrf subwf swapf xorwf bcf bsf btfsc btfss skpz skpnz setz clrz skpc skpnc setc clrc
syn keyword picOpcode skpdc skpndc setdc clrdc movfw tstf bank page HPAGE mullw mulwf cpfseq cpfsgt cpfslt banka bankb
syn keyword jalBoolean true false
syn keyword jalBoolean off on
syn keyword jalBit high low
syn keyword jalConstant Input Output all_input all_output
syn keyword jalConditional if else then elsif end if
syn keyword jalLabel goto
syn keyword jalRepeat for while forever loop
syn keyword jalStatement procedure function
syn keyword jalStatement return end volatile const var
syn keyword jalType bit byte
syn keyword jalModifier interrupt assembler asm put get
syn keyword jalStatement out in is begin at
syn keyword jalDirective pragma jump_table target target_clock target_chip name error test assert
syn keyword jalPredefined hs xt rc lp internal 16c84 16f84 16f877 sx18 sx28 12c509a 12c508
syn keyword jalPredefined 12ce674 16f628 18f252 18f242 18f442 18f452 12f629 12f675 16f88
syn keyword jalPredefined 16f876 16f873 sx_12 sx18 sx28 pic_12 pic_14 pic_16
syn keyword jalDirective chip osc clock fuses cpu watchdog powerup protection
syn keyword jalFunction bank_0 bank_1 bank_2 bank_3 bank_4 bank_5 bank_6 bank_7 trisa trisb trisc trisd trise
syn keyword jalFunction _trisa_flush _trisb_flush _trisc_flush _trisd_flush _trise_flush
syn keyword jalPIC local idle_loop
syn region jalAsm matchgroup=jalAsmKey start="\<assembler\>" end="\<end assembler\>" contains=jalComment,jalPreProc,jalLabel,picIdentifier, picLabel,picASCII,picDecimal,picHexadecimal,picOctal,picComment,picString,picRegister,picRigisterPart,picOpcode,picDirective,jalPIC
syn region jalAsm matchgroup=jalAsmKey start="\<asm\>" end=/$/ contains=jalComment,jalPreProc,jalLabel,picIdentifier, picLabel,picASCII,picDecimal,picHexadecimal,picOctal,picComment,picString,picRegister,picRigisterPart,picOpcode,picDirective,jalPIC
syn region jalPsudoVars matchgroup=jalPsudoVarsKey start="\<'put\>" end="/<is/>" contains=jalComment
syn match jalStringEscape contained "#[12][0-9]\=[0-9]\="
syn match jalIdentifier "\<[a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_]*\>"
syn match jalSymbolOperator "[+\-/*=]"
syn match jalSymbolOperator "!"
syn match jalSymbolOperator "<"
syn match jalSymbolOperator ">"
syn match jalSymbolOperator "<="
syn match jalSymbolOperator ">="
syn match jalSymbolOperator "!="
syn match jalSymbolOperator "=="
syn match jalSymbolOperator "<<"
syn match jalSymbolOperator ">>"
syn match jalSymbolOperator "|"
syn match jalSymbolOperator "&"
syn match jalSymbolOperator "%"
syn match jalSymbolOperator "?"
syn match jalSymbolOperator "[()]"
syn match jalSymbolOperator "[\^.]"
syn match jalLabel "[\^]*:"
syn match jalNumber "-\=\<\d[0-9_]\+\>"
syn match jalHexNumber "0x[0-9A-Fa-f_]\+\>"
syn match jalBinNumber "0b[01_]\+\>"
" String
"wrong strings
syn region jalStringError matchgroup=jalStringError start=+"+ end=+"+ end=+$+ contains=jalStringEscape
"right strings
syn region jalString matchgroup=jalString start=+'+ end=+'+ oneline contains=jalStringEscape
" To see the start and end of strings:
syn region jalString matchgroup=jalString start=+"+ end=+"+ oneline contains=jalStringEscapeGPC
syn keyword jalTodo contained TODO
syn region jalComment start=/-- / end=/$/ oneline contains=jalTodo
syn region jalComment start=/--\t/ end=/$/ oneline contains=jalTodo
syn match jalComment /--\_$/
syn region jalPreProc start="include" end=/$/ contains=JalComment,jalToDo
if exists("jal_no_tabs")
syn match jalShowTab "\t"
" Define the default highlighting.
" For version 5.7 and earlier: only when not done already
" For version 5.8 and later: only when an item doesn't have highlighting yet
if version >= 508 || !exists("did_jal_syn_inits")
if version < 508
let did_jal_syn_inits = 1
command -nargs=+ HiLink hi link <args>
command -nargs=+ HiLink hi def link <args>
HiLink jalAcces jalStatement
HiLink jalBoolean Boolean
HiLink jalBit Boolean
HiLink jalComment Comment
HiLink jalConditional Conditional
HiLink jalConstant Constant
HiLink jalDelimiter Identifier
HiLink jalDirective PreProc
HiLink jalException Exception
HiLink jalFloat Float
HiLink jalFunction Function
HiLink jalPsudoVarsKey Function
HiLink jalLabel Label
HiLink jalMatrixDelimiter Identifier
HiLink jalModifier Type
HiLink jalNumber Number
HiLink jalBinNumber Number
HiLink jalHexNumber Number
HiLink jalOperator Operator
HiLink jalPredefined Constant
HiLink jalPreProc PreProc
HiLink jalRepeat Repeat
HiLink jalStatement Statement
HiLink jalString String
HiLink jalStringEscape Special
HiLink jalStringEscapeGPC Special
HiLink jalStringError Error
HiLink jalStruct jalStatement
HiLink jalSymbolOperator jalOperator
HiLink jalTodo Todo
HiLink jalType Type
HiLink jalUnclassified Statement
HiLink jalAsm Assembler
HiLink jalError Error
HiLink jalAsmKey Statement
HiLink jalPIC Statement
HiLink jalShowTab Error
HiLink picTodo Todo
HiLink picComment Comment
HiLink picDirective Statement
HiLink picLabel Label
HiLink picString String
HiLink picOpcode Keyword
HiLink picRegister Structure
HiLink picRegisterPart Special
HiLink picPinDir SPecial
HiLink picPortDir SPecial
HiLink picASCII String
HiLink picBinary Number
HiLink picDecimal Number
HiLink picHexadecimal Number
HiLink picOctal Number
HiLink picIdentifier Identifier
delcommand HiLink
let b:current_syntax = "jal"
" vim: ts=8 sw=2
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