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" Description : Vim syntax file for mrxvtrc (for mrxvt-0.5.0 and up)
" Created : Wed 26 Apr 2006 01:20:53 AM CDT
" Modified : Thu 02 Feb 2012 08:37:45 PM EST
" Maintainer : GI <a@b.c>, where a='gi1242+vim', b='gmail', c='com'
" Quit when a syntax file was already loaded
if exists("b:current_syntax")
let s:cpo_save = &cpo
set cpo&vim
syn case match
" Errors
syn match mrxvtrcError contained '\v\S+'
" Comments
syn match mrxvtrcComment contains=@Spell '^\s*[!#].*$'
syn match mrxvtrcComment '\v^\s*[#!]\s*\w+[.*]\w+.*:.*'
" Options.
syn match mrxvtrcClass '\v^\s*\w+[.*]'
\ nextgroup=mrxvtrcOptions,mrxvtrcProfile,@mrxvtrcPOpts,mrxvtrcError
" Boolean options
syn keyword mrxvtrcOptions contained nextgroup=mrxvtrcBColon,mrxvtrcError
\ highlightTabOnBell syncTabTitle hideTabbar
\ autohideTabbar bottomTabbar hideButtons
\ syncTabIcon veryBoldFont maximized
\ fullscreen reverseVideo loginShell
\ jumpScroll scrollBar scrollbarRight
\ scrollbarFloating scrollTtyOutputInhibit
\ scrollTtyKeypress transparentForce
\ transparentScrollbar transparentMenubar
\ transparentTabbar tabUsePixmap utmpInhibit
\ visualBell mapAlert meta8
\ mouseWheelScrollPage multibyte_cursor
\ tripleclickwords showMenu xft xftNomFont
\ xftSlowOutput xftAntialias xftHinting
\ xftAutoHint xftGlobalAdvance cmdAllTabs
\ protectSecondary thai borderLess
\ overrideRedirect broadcast smartResize
\ pointerBlank cursorBlink noSysConfig
\ disableMacros linuxHomeEndKey sessionMgt
\ boldColors smoothResize useFifo veryBright
syn match mrxvtrcOptions contained nextgroup=mrxvtrcBColon,mrxvtrcError
\ '\v<transparent>'
syn match mrxvtrcBColon contained skipwhite
\ nextgroup=mrxvtrcBoolVal,mrxvtrcError ':'
syn case ignore
syn keyword mrxvtrcBoolVal contained skipwhite nextgroup=mrxvtrcError
\ 0 1 yes no on off true false
syn case match
" Color options
syn keyword mrxvtrcOptions contained nextgroup=mrxvtrcCColon,mrxvtrcError
\ ufBackground textShadow tabForeground
\ itabForeground tabBackground itabBackground
\ scrollColor troughColor highlightColor
\ cursorColor cursorColor2 pointerColor
\ borderColor tintColor
syn match mrxvtrcOptions contained nextgroup=mrxvtrcCColon,mrxvtrcError
\ '\v<color([0-9]|1[0-5]|BD|UL|RV)>'
syn match mrxvtrcCColon contained skipwhite
\ nextgroup=mrxvtrcColorVal ':'
syn match mrxvtrcColorVal contained skipwhite nextgroup=mrxvtrcError
\ '\v#[0-9a-fA-F]{6}'
" Numeric options
syn keyword mrxvtrcOptions contained nextgroup=mrxvtrcNColon,mrxvtrcError
\ maxTabWidth minVisibleTabs
\ scrollbarThickness xftmSize xftSize desktop
\ externalBorder internalBorder lineSpace
\ pointerBlankDelay cursorBlinkInterval
\ shading backgroundFade bgRefreshInterval
\ fading opacity opacityDegree xftPSize
syn match mrxvtrcNColon contained skipwhite
\ nextgroup=mrxvtrcNumVal,mrxvtrcError ':'
syn match mrxvtrcNumVal contained skipwhite nextgroup=mrxvtrcError
\ '\v[+-]?<(0[0-7]+|\d+|0x[0-9a-f]+)>'
" String options
syn keyword mrxvtrcOptions contained nextgroup=mrxvtrcSColon,mrxvtrcError
\ tabTitle termName title clientName iconName
\ bellCommand backspaceKey deleteKey
\ printPipe cutChars answerbackString
\ smClientID geometry path boldFont xftFont
\ xftmFont xftPFont inputMethod
\ greektoggle_key menu menubarPixmap
\ scrollbarPixmap tabbarPixmap appIcon
\ multichar_encoding initProfileList
syn match mrxvtrcOptions contained nextgroup=mrxvtrcSColon,mrxvtrcError
\ '\v<m?font[1-5]?>'
syn match mrxvtrcSColon contained skipwhite nextgroup=mrxvtrcStrVal ':'
syn match mrxvtrcStrVal contained '\v\S.*'
" Profile options
syn cluster mrxvtrcPOpts contains=mrxvtrcPSOpts,mrxvtrcPCOpts,mrxvtrcPNOpts
syn match mrxvtrcProfile contained nextgroup=@mrxvtrcPOpts,mrxvtrcError
\ '\vprofile\d+\.'
syn keyword mrxvtrcPSOpts contained nextgroup=mrxvtrcSColon,mrxvtrcError
\ tabTitle command holdExitText holdExitTitle
\ Pixmap workingDirectory titleFormat
\ winTitleFormat
syn keyword mrxvtrcPCOpts contained nextgroup=mrxvtrcCColon,mrxvtrcError
\ background foreground
syn keyword mrxvtrcPNOpts contained nextgroup=mrxvtrcNColon,mrxvtrcError
\ holdExit saveLines
" scrollbarStyle
syn match mrxvtrcOptions contained skipwhite
\ nextgroup=mrxvtrcSBstyle,mrxvtrcError
\ '\v<scrollbarStyle:'
syn keyword mrxvtrcSBstyle contained skipwhite nextgroup=mrxvtrcError
\ plain xterm rxvt next sgi
" scrollbarAlign
syn match mrxvtrcOptions contained skipwhite
\ nextgroup=mrxvtrcSBalign,mrxvtrcError
\ '\v<scrollbarAlign:'
syn keyword mrxvtrcSBalign contained skipwhite nextgroup=mrxvtrcError
\ top bottom
" textShadowMode
syn match mrxvtrcOptions contained skipwhite
\ nextgroup=mrxvtrcTSmode,mrxvtrcError
\ '\v<textShadowMode:'
syn keyword mrxvtrcTSmode contained skipwhite nextgroup=mrxvtrcError
\ none top bottom left right topleft topright
\ botleft botright
" greek_keyboard
syn match mrxvtrcOptions contained skipwhite
\ nextgroup=mrxvtrcGrkKbd,mrxvtrcError
\ '\v<greek_keyboard:'
syn keyword mrxvtrcGrkKbd contained skipwhite nextgroup=mrxvtrcError
\ iso ibm
" xftWeight
syn match mrxvtrcOptions contained skipwhite
\ nextgroup=mrxvtrcXftWt,mrxvtrcError
\ '\v<(xftWeight|xftBoldWeight):'
syn keyword mrxvtrcXftWt contained skipwhite nextgroup=mrxvtrcError
\ light medium demibold bold black
" xftSlant
syn match mrxvtrcOptions contained skipwhite
\ nextgroup=mrxvtrcXftSl,mrxvtrcError
\ '\v<xftSlant:'
syn keyword mrxvtrcXftSl contained skipwhite nextgroup=mrxvtrcError
\ roman italic oblique
" xftWidth
syn match mrxvtrcOptions contained skipwhite
\ nextgroup=mrxvtrcXftWd,mrxvtrcError
\ '\v<xftWidth:'
syn keyword mrxvtrcXftWd contained skipwhite nextgroup=mrxvtrcError
\ ultracondensed ultraexpanded
\ condensed expanded normal
" xftRGBA
syn match mrxvtrcOptions contained skipwhite
\ nextgroup=mrxvtrcXftHt,mrxvtrcError
\ '\v<xftRGBA:'
syn keyword mrxvtrcXftHt contained skipwhite nextgroup=mrxvtrcError
\ rgb bgr vrgb vbgr none
" preeditType
syn match mrxvtrcOptions contained skipwhite
\ nextgroup=mrxvtrcPedit,mrxvtrcError
\ '\v<preeditType:'
syn keyword mrxvtrcPedit contained skipwhite nextgroup=mrxvtrcError
\ OverTheSpot OffTheSpot Root
" modifier
syn match mrxvtrcOptions contained skipwhite
\ nextgroup=mrxvtrcMod,mrxvtrcError
\ '\v<modifier:'
syn keyword mrxvtrcMod contained skipwhite nextgroup=mrxvtrcError
\ alt meta hyper super mod1 mod2 mod3 mod4 mod5
" selectStyle
syn match mrxvtrcOptions contained skipwhite
\ nextgroup=mrxvtrcSelSty,mrxvtrcError
\ '\v<selectStyle:'
syn keyword mrxvtrcSelSty contained skipwhite nextgroup=mrxvtrcError
\ old oldword
" Macros
syn keyword mrxvtrcOptions contained nextgroup=mrxvtrcKey,mrxvtrcError
\ macro
syn case ignore
syn match mrxvtrcKey contained skipwhite
\ nextgroup=mrxvtrcMacro,mrxvtrcError
\ '\v\.((primary|add|ctrl|alt|meta|shift)\+)*\w+:'
syn case match
" Macros without arguments
syn keyword mrxvtrcMacro contained skipwhite nextgroup=mrxvtrcError
\ Dummy Copy Paste ToggleVeryBold
\ ToggleTransparency ToggleBroadcast
\ ToggleHold SetTitle ToggleMacros
\ ToggleFullscreen Raise
" Macros with a string argument
syn keyword mrxvtrcMacro contained skipwhite nextgroup=mrxvtrcStrVal
\ Esc Str Exec Scroll PrintScreen SaveConfig
" Macros with a numeric argument
syn keyword mrxvtrcMacro contained skipwhite
\ nextgroup=mrxvtrcNumVal,mrxvtrcError
\ Close GotoTab MoveTab ResizeFont UseFifo
" NewTab macro
syn keyword mrxvtrcMacro contained skipwhite
\ nextgroup=mrxvtrcTitle,mrxvtrcShell,mrxvtrcCmd
\ NewTab
syn region mrxvtrcTitle contained oneline skipwhite
\ nextgroup=mrxvtrcShell,mrxvtrcCmd
\ start='"' end='"'
syn match mrxvtrcShell contained nextgroup=mrxvtrcCmd '!'
syn match mrxvtrcCmd contained '\v[^!" \t].*'
" ToggleSubwin macro
syn keyword mrxvtrcMacro contained skipwhite
\ nextgroup=mrxvtrcSubwin,mrxvtrcError
\ ToggleSubwin
syn match mrxvtrcSubwin contained skipwhite nextgroup=mrxvtrcError
\ '\v[-+]?[bmst]>'
" Highlighting groups
hi def link mrxvtrcError Error
hi def link mrxvtrcComment Comment
hi def link mrxvtrcClass Statement
hi def link mrxvtrcOptions mrxvtrcClass
hi def link mrxvtrcBColon mrxvtrcClass
hi def link mrxvtrcCColon mrxvtrcClass
hi def link mrxvtrcNColon mrxvtrcClass
hi def link mrxvtrcSColon mrxvtrcClass
hi def link mrxvtrcProfile mrxvtrcClass
hi def link mrxvtrcPSOpts mrxvtrcClass
hi def link mrxvtrcPCOpts mrxvtrcClass
hi def link mrxvtrcPNOpts mrxvtrcClass
hi def link mrxvtrcBoolVal Boolean
hi def link mrxvtrcStrVal String
hi def link mrxvtrcColorVal Constant
hi def link mrxvtrcNumVal Number
hi def link mrxvtrcSBstyle mrxvtrcStrVal
hi def link mrxvtrcSBalign mrxvtrcStrVal
hi def link mrxvtrcTSmode mrxvtrcStrVal
hi def link mrxvtrcGrkKbd mrxvtrcStrVal
hi def link mrxvtrcXftWt mrxvtrcStrVal
hi def link mrxvtrcXftSl mrxvtrcStrVal
hi def link mrxvtrcXftWd mrxvtrcStrVal
hi def link mrxvtrcXftHt mrxvtrcStrVal
hi def link mrxvtrcPedit mrxvtrcStrVal
hi def link mrxvtrcMod mrxvtrcStrVal
hi def link mrxvtrcSelSty mrxvtrcStrVal
hi def link mrxvtrcMacro Identifier
hi def link mrxvtrcKey mrxvtrcClass
hi def link mrxvtrcTitle mrxvtrcStrVal
hi def link mrxvtrcShell Special
hi def link mrxvtrcCmd PreProc
hi def link mrxvtrcSubwin mrxvtrcStrVal
let b:current_syntax = "mrxvtrc"
let &cpo = s:cpo_save
unlet s:cpo_save
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