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/* gui_mac.c */
* Mac specific prototypes
pascal Boolean WaitNextEventWrp __ARGS((EventMask eventMask, EventRecord *theEvent, UInt32 sleep, RgnHandle mouseRgn));
pascal void gui_mac_scroll_action __ARGS((ControlHandle theControl, short partCode));
pascal void gui_mac_drag_thumb (ControlHandle theControl, short partCode);
void gui_mac_handle_event __ARGS((EventRecord *event));
void gui_mac_doMouseDown __ARGS((EventRecord *theEvent));
void gui_mac_do_key __ARGS((EventRecord *theEvent));
void gui_mac_handle_menu __ARGS((long menuChoice));
void gui_mac_focus_change __ARGS((EventRecord *event));
void gui_mac_update __ARGS((EventRecord *event));
short gui_mch_get_mac_menu_item_index __ARGS((vimmenu_T *menu, vimmenu_T *parent));
void gui_mch_set_blinking __ARGS((long wait, long on, long off));
void gui_mch_stop_blink __ARGS((void));
void gui_mch_start_blink __ARGS((void));
void gui_mch_getmouse __ARGS((int *x, int *y));
void gui_mch_setmouse __ARGS((int x, int y));
void gui_mch_prepare __ARGS((int *argc, char **argv));
int gui_mch_init_check __ARGS((void));
int gui_mch_init __ARGS((void));
void gui_mch_new_colors __ARGS((void));
int gui_mch_open __ARGS((void));
void gui_mch_exit __ARGS((int));
void gui_mch_set_winsize __ARGS((int width, int height, int min_width, int min_height, int base_width, int base_height));
int gui_mch_get_winpos __ARGS((int *x, int *y));
void gui_mch_set_winpos __ARGS((int x, int y));
void gui_mch_set_shellsize __ARGS((int width, int height, int min_width, int min_height, int base_width, int base_height, int direction));
void gui_mch_get_screen_dimensions __ARGS((int *screen_w, int *screen_h));
void gui_mch_set_text_area_pos __ARGS((int x, int y, int w, int h));
void gui_mch_enable_scrollbar __ARGS((scrollbar_T *sb, int flag));
void gui_mch_set_scrollbar_thumb __ARGS((scrollbar_T *sb, long val, long size, long max));
void gui_mch_set_scrollbar_pos __ARGS((scrollbar_T *sb, int x, int y, int w, int h));
void gui_mch_create_scrollbar __ARGS((scrollbar_T *sb, int orient));
void gui_mch_destroy_scrollbar __ARGS((scrollbar_T *sb));
int gui_mch_adjust_charheight __ARGS((void));
int gui_mch_init_font __ARGS((char_u *font_name, int fontset));
GuiFont gui_mch_get_font __ARGS((char_u *name, int giveErrorIfMissing));
char_u *gui_mch_get_fontname __ARGS((GuiFont font, char_u *name));
GuiFont gui_mac_find_font __ARGS((char_u *font_name));
void gui_mch_set_font __ARGS((GuiFont font));
int gui_mch_same_font __ARGS((GuiFont f1, GuiFont f2));
void gui_mch_free_font __ARGS((GuiFont font));
guicolor_T gui_mch_get_color __ARGS((char_u *name));
void gui_mch_set_fg_color __ARGS((guicolor_T color));
void gui_mch_set_bg_color __ARGS((guicolor_T color));
void gui_mch_set_sp_color __ARGS((guicolor_T color));
void gui_mch_draw_string __ARGS((int row, int col, char_u *s, int len, int flags));
int gui_mch_haskey __ARGS((char_u *name));
void gui_mch_beep __ARGS((void));
void gui_mch_flash __ARGS((int msec));
void gui_mch_invert_rectangle __ARGS((int r, int c, int nr, int nc));
void gui_mch_iconify __ARGS((void));
void gui_mch_settitle __ARGS((char_u *title, char_u *icon));
void gui_mch_draw_hollow_cursor __ARGS((guicolor_T color));
void gui_mch_draw_part_cursor __ARGS((int w, int h, guicolor_T color));
void gui_mch_update __ARGS((void));
int gui_mch_wait_for_chars __ARGS((int wtime));
void gui_mch_flush __ARGS((void));
void gui_mch_clear_block __ARGS((int row1, int col1, int row2, int col2));
void gui_mch_clear_all __ARGS((void));
void gui_mch_delete_lines __ARGS((int row, int num_lines));
void gui_mch_insert_lines __ARGS((int row, int num_lines));
void gui_mch_enable_menu __ARGS((int flag));
void gui_mch_set_menu_pos __ARGS((int x, int y, int w, int h));
/*void gui_mch_add_menu __ARGS((vimmenu_T *menu, vimmenu_T *parent, int idx));*/
void gui_mch_add_menu __ARGS((vimmenu_T *menu, int pos));
/*void gui_mch_add_menu_item __ARGS((vimmenu_T *menu, vimmenu_T *parent, int idx));*/
void gui_mch_add_menu_item __ARGS((vimmenu_T *menu, int idx));
void gui_mch_show_popupmenu __ARGS((vimmenu_T *menu));
void gui_mch_destroy_menu __ARGS((vimmenu_T *menu));
void gui_mch_menu_grey __ARGS((vimmenu_T *menu, int grey));
void gui_mch_menu_hidden __ARGS((vimmenu_T *menu, int hidden));
void gui_mch_draw_menubar __ARGS((void));
int gui_mch_get_lightness __ARGS((guicolor_T pixel));
long_u gui_mch_get_rgb __ARGS((guicolor_T pixel));
int gui_mch_get_mouse_x __ARGS((void));
int gui_mch_get_mouse_y __ARGS((void));
void gui_mch_setmouse __ARGS((int x, int y));
void gui_mch_show_popupmenu __ARGS((vimmenu_T *menu));
int gui_mch_dialog __ARGS((int type, char_u *title, char_u *message, char_u *buttons, int dfltbutton, char_u *textfield, int ex_cmd));
char_u *gui_mch_browse __ARGS((int saving, char_u *title, char_u *dflt, char_u *ext, char_u *initdir, char_u *filter));
void gui_mch_set_foreground __ARGS((void));
void gui_mch_show_tabline __ARGS((int showit));
int gui_mch_showing_tabline __ARGS((void));
void gui_mch_update_tabline __ARGS((void));
void gui_mch_set_curtab __ARGS((int nr));
char_u *C2Pascal_save __ARGS((char_u *Cstring));
char_u *C2Pascal_save_and_remove_backslash __ARGS((char_u *Cstring));
int_u EventModifiers2VimMouseModifiers __ARGS((EventModifiers macModifiers));
char_u **new_fnames_from_AEDesc __ARGS((AEDesc *theList, long *numFiles, OSErr *error));
void gui_request_selection __ARGS((void));
void gui_mch_lose_selection __ARGS((void));
int gui_mch_own_selection __ARGS((void));
void gui_mch_clear_selection __ARGS((void));
void gui_win_new_height __ARGS((win_T *wp));
void gui_win_comp_pos __ARGS((void));
void gui_win_free __ARGS((win_T *wp));
void gui_win_alloc __ARGS((win_T *wp));
void mch_post_buffer_write (buf_T *buf);
void mch_errmsg __ARGS((char *str));
void mch_display_error __ARGS((void));
void clip_mch_lose_selection __ARGS((VimClipboard *cbd));
void clip_mch_request_selection __ARGS((VimClipboard *cbd));
void clip_mch_set_selection __ARGS((VimClipboard *cbd));
int clip_mch_own_selection __ARGS((VimClipboard *cbd));
pascal OSErr FindProcessBySignature( const OSType targetType,
const OSType targetCreator, ProcessSerialNumberPtr psnPtr );
OSErr InstallAEHandlers (void);
pascal OSErr HandleODocAE (const AppleEvent *theAEvent, AppleEvent *theReply, long refCon);
pascal OSErr Handle_aevt_oapp_AE (const AppleEvent *theAEvent, AppleEvent *theReply, long refCon);
pascal OSErr Handle_aevt_quit_AE (const AppleEvent *theAEvent, AppleEvent *theReply, long refCon);
pascal OSErr Handle_aevt_pdoc_AE (const AppleEvent *theAEvent, AppleEvent *theReply, long refCon);
pascal OSErr Handle_unknown_AE (const AppleEvent *theAEvent, AppleEvent *theReply, long refCon);
/* Shoulde we return MenuItemIndex? IMO yes, I did that for 5.7 ak*/
short gui_mac_get_menu_item_index (vimmenu_T *pMenu);
pascal OSErr Handle_KAHL_SRCH_AE (const AppleEvent *theAEvent, AppleEvent *theReply, long refCon);
pascal OSErr Handle_KAHL_MOD_AE (const AppleEvent *theAEvent, AppleEvent *theReply, long refCon);
pascal OSErr Handle_KAHL_GTTX_AE (const AppleEvent *theAEvent, AppleEvent *theReply, long refCon);
void Send_KAHL_MOD_AE (buf_T *buf);
void gui_mac_doInContentClick __ARGS((EventRecord *theEvent, WindowPtr whichWindow));
void gui_mac_doInDragClick __ARGS((Point where, WindowPtr whichWindow));
void gui_mac_doInGrowClick __ARGS((Point where, WindowPtr whichWindow));
void gui_mac_doUpdateEvent __ARGS((EventRecord *event));
void gui_mac_doActivateEvent __ARGS((EventRecord *event));
void gui_mac_doSuspendEvent __ARGS((EventRecord *event));
void gui_mac_doKeyEvent __ARGS((EventRecord *theEvent));
void gui_mac_doMouseDownEvent __ARGS((EventRecord *theEvent));
void gui_mac_doMouseMovedEvent __ARGS((EventRecord *event));
void gui_mac_doMouseUpEvent __ARGS((EventRecord *theEvent));
void gui_mch_mousehide __ARGS((int hide));
int C2PascalString (char_u *CString, Str255 *PascalString);
int GetFSSpecFromPath ( char_u *file, FSSpec *fileFSSpec);
char_u *FullPathFromFSSpec_save (FSSpec file);
/* vim: set ft=c : */
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