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" When you're writing shell scripts and you are in doubt which test to use,
" which shell environment variables are defined, what the syntax of the case
" statement is, and you need to invoke 'man sh'?
" Your problems are over now!
" Attached is a Vim script file for turning gvim into a shell script editor.
" It may also be used as an example how to use menus in Vim.
" Written by: Lennart Schultz <>
imenu Stmts.for for in dodoneki kk0elli
imenu case in) ;;esacbki k0elli
imenu Stmts.if if thenfiki kk0elli
imenu Stmts.if-else if thenelsefiki kki kk0elli
imenu Stmts.elif elif thenki kk0elli
imenu Stmts.while while dodoneki kk0elli
imenu Stmts.break break
imenu Stmts.continue continue
imenu Stmts.function () {}ki k0i
imenu Stmts.return return
imenu Stmts.return-true return 0
imenu Stmts.return-false return 1
imenu Stmts.exit exit
imenu Stmts.shift shift
imenu Stmts.trap trap
imenu Test.existence [ -e ]hi
imenu Test.existence - file [ -f ]hi
imenu Test.existence - file (not empty) [ -s ]hi
imenu Test.existence - directory [ -d ]hi
imenu Test.existence - executable [ -x ]hi
imenu Test.existence - readable [ -r ]hi
imenu Test.existence - writable [ -w ]hi
imenu Test.String is empty [ x = "x$" ]hhi
imenu Test.String is not empty [ x != "x$" ]hhi
imenu Test.Strings is equal [ "" = "" ]hhhhhhhi
imenu Test.Strings is not equal [ "" != "" ]hhhhhhhhi
imenu Test.Values is greater than [ -gt ]hhhhhhi
imenu Test.Values is greater equal [ -ge ]hhhhhhi
imenu Test.Values is equal [ -eq ]hhhhhhi
imenu Test.Values is not equal [ -ne ]hhhhhhi
imenu Test.Values is less than [ -lt ]hhhhhhi
imenu Test.Values is less equal [ -le ]hhhhhhi
imenu ParmSub.Substitute word if parm not set ${:-}hhi
imenu ParmSub.Set parm to word if not set ${:=}hhi
imenu ParmSub.Substitute word if parm set else nothing ${:+}hhi
imenu ParmSub.If parm not set print word and exit ${:?}hhi
imenu SpShVars.Number of positional parameters ${#}
imenu SpShVars.All positional parameters (quoted spaces) ${*}
imenu SpShVars.All positional parameters (unquoted spaces) ${@}
imenu SpShVars.Flags set ${-}
imenu SpShVars.Return code of last command ${?}
imenu SpShVars.Process number of this shell ${$}
imenu SpShVars.Process number of last background command ${!}
imenu Environ.HOME ${HOME}
imenu Environ.PATH ${PATH}
imenu Environ.CDPATH ${CDPATH}
imenu Environ.MAIL ${MAIL}
imenu Environ.PS1 ${PS1}
imenu Environ.PS2 ${PS2}
imenu Environ.IFS ${IFS}
imenu Environ.SHACCT ${SHACCT}
imenu Environ.SHELL ${SHELL}
imenu Environ.LC_CTYPE ${LC_CTYPE}
imenu cd
imenu Builtins.echo echo
imenu Builtins.eval eval
imenu Builtins.exec exec
imenu Builtins.export export
imenu Builtins.getopts getopts
imenu Builtins.hash hash
imenu Builtins.newgrp newgrp
imenu Builtins.pwd pwd
imenu read
imenu Builtins.readonly readonly
imenu Builtins.return return
imenu Builtins.times times
imenu Builtins.type type
imenu Builtins.umask umask
imenu Builtins.wait wait
imenu Set.set set
imenu Set.unset unset
imenu Set.mark modified or modified variables set -a
imenu Set.exit when command returns non-zero exit code set -e
imenu Set.Disable file name generation set -f
imenu Set.remember function commands set -h
imenu Set.All keyword arguments are placed in the environment set -k
imenu Set.Read commands but do not execute them set -n
imenu Set.Exit after reading and executing one command set -t
imenu Set.Treat unset variables as an error when substituting set -u
imenu Set.Print shell input lines as they are read set -v
imenu Set.Print commands and their arguments as they are executed set -x