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" Vim syntax file
" Language: Mailcap configuration file
" Maintainer: Doug Kearns <>
" Last Change: 2013 Jun 01
if exists("b:current_syntax")
syn match mailcapComment "^#.*"
syn region mailcapString start=+"+ end=+"+ contains=mailcapSpecial oneline
syn match mailcapDelimiter "\\\@<!;"
syn match mailcapSpecial "\\\@<!%[nstF]"
syn match mailcapSpecial "\\\@<!%{[^}]*}"
syn case ignore
syn match mailcapFlag "\(=\s*\)\@<!\<\(needsterminal\|copiousoutput\|x-\w\+\)\>"
syn match mailcapFieldname "\<\(compose\|composetyped\|print\|edit\|test\|x11-bitmap\|nametemplate\|textualnewlines\|description\|x-\w+\)\>\ze\s*="
syn match mailcapTypeField "^\(text\|image\|audio\|video\|application\|message\|multipart\|model\|x-[[:graph:]]\+\)\(/\(\*\|[[:graph:]]\+\)\)\=\ze\s*;"
syn case match
hi def link mailcapComment Comment
hi def link mailcapDelimiter Delimiter
hi def link mailcapFlag Statement
hi def link mailcapFieldname Statement
hi def link mailcapSpecial Identifier
hi def link mailcapTypeField Type
hi def link mailcapString String
let b:current_syntax = "mailcap"
" vim: ts=8
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