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" Vim syntax file
" Language: dircolors(1) input file
" Maintainer: Nikolai Weibull <>
" Latest Revision: 2006-06-23
if exists("b:current_syntax")
let s:cpo_save = &cpo
set cpo&vim
syn keyword dircolorsTodo contained FIXME TODO XXX NOTE
syn region dircolorsComment start='#' end='$' contains=dircolorsTodo,@Spell
\ nextgroup=@dircolorsColors skipwhite
if exists("dircolors_is_slackware")
syn keyword dircolorsKeyword COLOR OPTIONS EIGHTBIT
syn match dircolorsExtension '^\s*\zs[.*]\S\+'
\ nextgroup=dircolorsColorPair skipwhite
syn match dircolorsColorPair contained '.*$'
\ transparent contains=@dircolorsColors
if &t_Co == 8 || &t_Co == 16
syn cluster dircolorsColors contains=dircolorsBold,dircolorsUnderline,
\ dircolorsBlink,dircolorsReverse,
\ dircolorsInvisible,dircolorsBlack,
\ dircolorsRed,dircolorsGreen,dircolorsYellow,
\ dircolorsBlue,dircolorsMagenta,dircolorsCyan,
\ dircolorsWhite,dircolorsBGBlack,
\ dircolorsBGRed,dircolorsBGGreen,
\ dircolorsBGYellow,dircolorsBGBlue,
\ dircolorsBGMagenta,dircolorsBGCyan,
\ dircolorsBGWhite
syn match dircolorsBold contained '\<0\=1\>'
syn match dircolorsUnderline contained '\<0\=4\>'
syn match dircolorsBlink contained '\<0\=5\>'
syn match dircolorsReverse contained '\<0\=7\>'
syn match dircolorsInvisible contained '\<0\=8\>'
syn match dircolorsBlack contained '\<30\>'
syn match dircolorsRed contained '\<31\>'
syn match dircolorsGreen contained '\<32\>'
syn match dircolorsYellow contained '\<33\>'
syn match dircolorsBlue contained '\<34\>'
syn match dircolorsMagenta contained '\<35\>'
syn match dircolorsCyan contained '\<36\>'
syn match dircolorsWhite contained '\<37\>'
syn match dircolorsBGBlack contained '\<40\>'
syn match dircolorsBGRed contained '\<41\>'
syn match dircolorsBGGreen contained '\<42\>'
syn match dircolorsBGYellow contained '\<43\>'
syn match dircolorsBGBlue contained '\<44\>'
syn match dircolorsBGMagenta contained '\<45\>'
syn match dircolorsBGCyan contained '\<46\>'
syn match dircolorsBGWhite contained '\<47\>'
elseif &t_Co == 256 || has("gui_running")
syn cluster dircolorsColors contains=dircolorsColor0,
\ dircolorsColor1,dircolorsColor2,
\ dircolorsColor3,dircolorsColor4,
\ dircolorsColor5,dircolorsColor6,
\ dircolorsColor7,dircolorsColor8,
\ dircolorsColor9,dircolorsColor10,
\ dircolorsColor11,dircolorsColor12,
\ dircolorsColor13,dircolorsColor14,
\ dircolorsColor15,dircolorsColor16,
\ dircolorsColor17,dircolorsColor18,
\ dircolorsColor19,dircolorsColor20,
\ dircolorsColor21,dircolorsColor22,
\ dircolorsColor23,dircolorsColor24,
\ dircolorsColor25,dircolorsColor26,
\ dircolorsColor27,dircolorsColor28,
\ dircolorsColor29,dircolorsColor30,
\ dircolorsColor31,dircolorsColor32,
\ dircolorsColor33,dircolorsColor34,
\ dircolorsColor35,dircolorsColor36,
\ dircolorsColor37,dircolorsColor38,
\ dircolorsColor39,dircolorsColor40,
\ dircolorsColor41,dircolorsColor42,
\ dircolorsColor43,dircolorsColor44,
\ dircolorsColor45,dircolorsColor46,
\ dircolorsColor47,dircolorsColor48,
\ dircolorsColor49,dircolorsColor50,
\ dircolorsColor51,dircolorsColor52,
\ dircolorsColor53,dircolorsColor54,
\ dircolorsColor55,dircolorsColor56,
\ dircolorsColor57,dircolorsColor58,
\ dircolorsColor59,dircolorsColor60,
\ dircolorsColor61,dircolorsColor62,
\ dircolorsColor63,dircolorsColor64,
\ dircolorsColor65,dircolorsColor66,
\ dircolorsColor67,dircolorsColor68,
\ dircolorsColor69,dircolorsColor70,
\ dircolorsColor71,dircolorsColor72,
\ dircolorsColor73,dircolorsColor74,
\ dircolorsColor75,dircolorsColor76,
\ dircolorsColor77,dircolorsColor78,
\ dircolorsColor79,dircolorsColor80,
\ dircolorsColor81,dircolorsColor82,
\ dircolorsColor83,dircolorsColor84,
\ dircolorsColor85,dircolorsColor86,
\ dircolorsColor87,dircolorsColor88,
\ dircolorsColor89,dircolorsColor90,
\ dircolorsColor91,dircolorsColor92,
\ dircolorsColor93,dircolorsColor94,
\ dircolorsColor95,dircolorsColor96,
\ dircolorsColor97,dircolorsColor98,
\ dircolorsColor99,dircolorsColor100,
\ dircolorsColor101,dircolorsColor102,
\ dircolorsColor103,dircolorsColor104,
\ dircolorsColor105,dircolorsColor106,
\ dircolorsColor107,dircolorsColor108,
\ dircolorsColor109,dircolorsColor110,
\ dircolorsColor111,dircolorsColor112,
\ dircolorsColor113,dircolorsColor114,
\ dircolorsColor115,dircolorsColor116,
\ dircolorsColor117,dircolorsColor118,
\ dircolorsColor119,dircolorsColor120,
\ dircolorsColor121,dircolorsColor122,
\ dircolorsColor123,dircolorsColor124,
\ dircolorsColor125,dircolorsColor126,
\ dircolorsColor127,dircolorsColor128,
\ dircolorsColor129,dircolorsColor130,
\ dircolorsColor131,dircolorsColor132,
\ dircolorsColor133,dircolorsColor134,
\ dircolorsColor135,dircolorsColor136,
\ dircolorsColor137,dircolorsColor138,
\ dircolorsColor139,dircolorsColor140,
\ dircolorsColor141,dircolorsColor142,
\ dircolorsColor143,dircolorsColor144,
\ dircolorsColor145,dircolorsColor146,
\ dircolorsColor147,dircolorsColor148,
\ dircolorsColor149,dircolorsColor150,
\ dircolorsColor151,dircolorsColor152,
\ dircolorsColor153,dircolorsColor154,
\ dircolorsColor155,dircolorsColor156,
\ dircolorsColor157,dircolorsColor158,
\ dircolorsColor159,dircolorsColor160,
\ dircolorsColor161,dircolorsColor162,
\ dircolorsColor163,dircolorsColor164,
\ dircolorsColor165,dircolorsColor166,
\ dircolorsColor167,dircolorsColor168,
\ dircolorsColor169,dircolorsColor170,
\ dircolorsColor171,dircolorsColor172,
\ dircolorsColor173,dircolorsColor174,
\ dircolorsColor175,dircolorsColor176,
\ dircolorsColor177,dircolorsColor178,
\ dircolorsColor179,dircolorsColor180,
\ dircolorsColor181,dircolorsColor182,
\ dircolorsColor183,dircolorsColor184,
\ dircolorsColor185,dircolorsColor186,
\ dircolorsColor187,dircolorsColor188,
\ dircolorsColor189,dircolorsColor190,
\ dircolorsColor191,dircolorsColor192,
\ dircolorsColor193,dircolorsColor194,
\ dircolorsColor195,dircolorsColor196,
\ dircolorsColor197,dircolorsColor198,
\ dircolorsColor199,dircolorsColor200,
\ dircolorsColor201,dircolorsColor202,
\ dircolorsColor203,dircolorsColor204,
\ dircolorsColor205,dircolorsColor206,
\ dircolorsColor207,dircolorsColor208,
\ dircolorsColor209,dircolorsColor210,
\ dircolorsColor211,dircolorsColor212,
\ dircolorsColor213,dircolorsColor214,
\ dircolorsColor215,dircolorsColor216,
\ dircolorsColor217,dircolorsColor218,
\ dircolorsColor219,dircolorsColor220,
\ dircolorsColor221,dircolorsColor222,
\ dircolorsColor223,dircolorsColor224,
\ dircolorsColor225,dircolorsColor226,
\ dircolorsColor227,dircolorsColor228,
\ dircolorsColor229,dircolorsColor230,
\ dircolorsColor231,dircolorsColor232,
\ dircolorsColor233,dircolorsColor234,
\ dircolorsColor235,dircolorsColor236,
\ dircolorsColor237,dircolorsColor238,
\ dircolorsColor239,dircolorsColor240,
\ dircolorsColor241,dircolorsColor242,
\ dircolorsColor243,dircolorsColor244,
\ dircolorsColor245,dircolorsColor246,
\ dircolorsColor247,dircolorsColor248,
\ dircolorsColor249,dircolorsColor250,
\ dircolorsColor251,dircolorsColor252,
\ dircolorsColor253,dircolorsColor254,
\ dircolorsColor255
syn match dircolorsColor0 contained '\<0\=0\>'
syn match dircolorsColor1 contained '\<0\=1\>'
syn match dircolorsColor2 contained '\<0\=2\>'
syn match dircolorsColor3 contained '\<0\=3\>'
syn match dircolorsColor4 contained '\<0\=4\>'
syn match dircolorsColor5 contained '\<0\=5\>'
syn match dircolorsColor6 contained '\<0\=6\>'
syn match dircolorsColor7 contained '\<0\=7\>'
syn match dircolorsColor8 contained '\<0\=8\>'
syn match dircolorsColor9 contained '\<0\=9\>'
syn match dircolorsColor10 contained '\<10\>'
syn match dircolorsColor11 contained '\<11\>'
syn match dircolorsColor12 contained '\<12\>'
syn match dircolorsColor13 contained '\<13\>'
syn match dircolorsColor14 contained '\<14\>'
syn match dircolorsColor15 contained '\<15\>'
syn match dircolorsColor16 contained '\<16\>'
syn match dircolorsColor17 contained '\<17\>'
syn match dircolorsColor18 contained '\<18\>'
syn match dircolorsColor19 contained '\<19\>'
syn match dircolorsColor20 contained '\<20\>'
syn match dircolorsColor21 contained '\<21\>'
syn match dircolorsColor22 contained '\<22\>'
syn match dircolorsColor23 contained '\<23\>'
syn match dircolorsColor24 contained '\<24\>'
syn match dircolorsColor25 contained '\<25\>'
syn match dircolorsColor26 contained '\<26\>'
syn match dircolorsColor27 contained '\<27\>'
syn match dircolorsColor28 contained '\<28\>'
syn match dircolorsColor29 contained '\<29\>'
syn match dircolorsColor30 contained '\<30\>'
syn match dircolorsColor31 contained '\<31\>'
syn match dircolorsColor32 contained '\<32\>'
syn match dircolorsColor33 contained '\<33\>'
syn match dircolorsColor34 contained '\<34\>'
syn match dircolorsColor35 contained '\<35\>'
syn match dircolorsColor36 contained '\<36\>'
syn match dircolorsColor37 contained '\<37\>'
syn match dircolorsColor38 contained '\<38\>'
syn match dircolorsColor39 contained '\<39\>'
syn match dircolorsColor40 contained '\<40\>'
syn match dircolorsColor41 contained '\<41\>'
syn match dircolorsColor42 contained '\<42\>'
syn match dircolorsColor43 contained '\<43\>'
syn match dircolorsColor44 contained '\<44\>'
syn match dircolorsColor45 contained '\<45\>'
syn match dircolorsColor46 contained '\<46\>'
syn match dircolorsColor47 contained '\<47\>'
syn match dircolorsColor48 contained '\<48\>'
syn match dircolorsColor49 contained '\<49\>'
syn match dircolorsColor50 contained '\<50\>'
syn match dircolorsColor51 contained '\<51\>'
syn match dircolorsColor52 contained '\<52\>'
syn match dircolorsColor53 contained '\<53\>'
syn match dircolorsColor54 contained '\<54\>'
syn match dircolorsColor55 contained '\<55\>'
syn match dircolorsColor56 contained '\<56\>'
syn match dircolorsColor57 contained '\<57\>'
syn match dircolorsColor58 contained '\<58\>'
syn match dircolorsColor59 contained '\<59\>'
syn match dircolorsColor60 contained '\<60\>'
syn match dircolorsColor61 contained '\<61\>'
syn match dircolorsColor62 contained '\<62\>'
syn match dircolorsColor63 contained '\<63\>'
syn match dircolorsColor64 contained '\<64\>'
syn match dircolorsColor65 contained '\<65\>'
syn match dircolorsColor66 contained '\<66\>'
syn match dircolorsColor67 contained '\<67\>'
syn match dircolorsColor68 contained '\<68\>'
syn match dircolorsColor69 contained '\<69\>'
syn match dircolorsColor70 contained '\<70\>'
syn match dircolorsColor71 contained '\<71\>'
syn match dircolorsColor72 contained '\<72\>'
syn match dircolorsColor73 contained '\<73\>'
syn match dircolorsColor74 contained '\<74\>'
syn match dircolorsColor75 contained '\<75\>'
syn match dircolorsColor76 contained '\<76\>'
syn match dircolorsColor77 contained '\<77\>'
syn match dircolorsColor78 contained '\<78\>'
syn match dircolorsColor79 contained '\<79\>'
syn match dircolorsColor80 contained '\<80\>'
syn match dircolorsColor81 contained '\<81\>'
syn match dircolorsColor82 contained '\<82\>'
syn match dircolorsColor83 contained '\<83\>'
syn match dircolorsColor84 contained '\<84\>'
syn match dircolorsColor85 contained '\<85\>'
syn match dircolorsColor86 contained '\<86\>'
syn match dircolorsColor87 contained '\<87\>'
syn match dircolorsColor88 contained '\<88\>'
syn match dircolorsColor89 contained '\<89\>'
syn match dircolorsColor90 contained '\<90\>'
syn match dircolorsColor91 contained '\<91\>'
syn match dircolorsColor92 contained '\<92\>'
syn match dircolorsColor93 contained '\<93\>'
syn match dircolorsColor94 contained '\<94\>'
syn match dircolorsColor95 contained '\<95\>'
syn match dircolorsColor96 contained '\<96\>'
syn match dircolorsColor97 contained '\<97\>'
syn match dircolorsColor98 contained '\<98\>'
syn match dircolorsColor99 contained '\<99\>'
syn match dircolorsColor100 contained '\<100\>'
syn match dircolorsColor101 contained '\<101\>'
syn match dircolorsColor102 contained '\<102\>'
syn match dircolorsColor103 contained '\<103\>'
syn match dircolorsColor104 contained '\<104\>'
syn match dircolorsColor105 contained '\<105\>'
syn match dircolorsColor106 contained '\<106\>'
syn match dircolorsColor107 contained '\<107\>'
syn match dircolorsColor108 contained '\<108\>'
syn match dircolorsColor109 contained '\<109\>'
syn match dircolorsColor110 contained '\<110\>'
syn match dircolorsColor111 contained '\<111\>'
syn match dircolorsColor112 contained '\<112\>'
syn match dircolorsColor113 contained '\<113\>'
syn match dircolorsColor114 contained '\<114\>'
syn match dircolorsColor115 contained '\<115\>'
syn match dircolorsColor116 contained '\<116\>'
syn match dircolorsColor117 contained '\<117\>'
syn match dircolorsColor118 contained '\<118\>'
syn match dircolorsColor119 contained '\<119\>'
syn match dircolorsColor120 contained '\<120\>'
syn match dircolorsColor121 contained '\<121\>'
syn match dircolorsColor122 contained '\<122\>'
syn match dircolorsColor123 contained '\<123\>'
syn match dircolorsColor124 contained '\<124\>'
syn match dircolorsColor125 contained '\<125\>'
syn match dircolorsColor126 contained '\<126\>'
syn match dircolorsColor127 contained '\<127\>'
syn match dircolorsColor128 contained '\<128\>'
syn match dircolorsColor129 contained '\<129\>'
syn match dircolorsColor130 contained '\<130\>'
syn match dircolorsColor131 contained '\<131\>'
syn match dircolorsColor132 contained '\<132\>'
syn match dircolorsColor133 contained '\<133\>'
syn match dircolorsColor134 contained '\<134\>'
syn match dircolorsColor135 contained '\<135\>'
syn match dircolorsColor136 contained '\<136\>'
syn match dircolorsColor137 contained '\<137\>'
syn match dircolorsColor138 contained '\<138\>'
syn match dircolorsColor139 contained '\<139\>'
syn match dircolorsColor140 contained '\<140\>'
syn match dircolorsColor141 contained '\<141\>'
syn match dircolorsColor142 contained '\<142\>'
syn match dircolorsColor143 contained '\<143\>'
syn match dircolorsColor144 contained '\<144\>'
syn match dircolorsColor145 contained '\<145\>'
syn match dircolorsColor146 contained '\<146\>'
syn match dircolorsColor147 contained '\<147\>'
syn match dircolorsColor148 contained '\<148\>'
syn match dircolorsColor149 contained '\<149\>'
syn match dircolorsColor150 contained '\<150\>'
syn match dircolorsColor151 contained '\<151\>'
syn match dircolorsColor152 contained '\<152\>'
syn match dircolorsColor153 contained '\<153\>'
syn match dircolorsColor154 contained '\<154\>'
syn match dircolorsColor155 contained '\<155\>'
syn match dircolorsColor156 contained '\<156\>'
syn match dircolorsColor157 contained '\<157\>'
syn match dircolorsColor158 contained '\<158\>'
syn match dircolorsColor159 contained '\<159\>'
syn match dircolorsColor160 contained '\<160\>'
syn match dircolorsColor161 contained '\<161\>'
syn match dircolorsColor162 contained '\<162\>'
syn match dircolorsColor163 contained '\<163\>'
syn match dircolorsColor164 contained '\<164\>'
syn match dircolorsColor165 contained '\<165\>'
syn match dircolorsColor166 contained '\<166\>'
syn match dircolorsColor167 contained '\<167\>'
syn match dircolorsColor168 contained '\<168\>'
syn match dircolorsColor169 contained '\<169\>'
syn match dircolorsColor170 contained '\<170\>'
syn match dircolorsColor171 contained '\<171\>'
syn match dircolorsColor172 contained '\<172\>'
syn match dircolorsColor173 contained '\<173\>'
syn match dircolorsColor174 contained '\<174\>'
syn match dircolorsColor175 contained '\<175\>'
syn match dircolorsColor176 contained '\<176\>'
syn match dircolorsColor177 contained '\<177\>'
syn match dircolorsColor178 contained '\<178\>'
syn match dircolorsColor179 contained '\<179\>'
syn match dircolorsColor180 contained '\<180\>'
syn match dircolorsColor181 contained '\<181\>'
syn match dircolorsColor182 contained '\<182\>'
syn match dircolorsColor183 contained '\<183\>'
syn match dircolorsColor184 contained '\<184\>'
syn match dircolorsColor185 contained '\<185\>'
syn match dircolorsColor186 contained '\<186\>'
syn match dircolorsColor187 contained '\<187\>'
syn match dircolorsColor188 contained '\<188\>'
syn match dircolorsColor189 contained '\<189\>'
syn match dircolorsColor190 contained '\<190\>'
syn match dircolorsColor191 contained '\<191\>'
syn match dircolorsColor192 contained '\<192\>'
syn match dircolorsColor193 contained '\<193\>'
syn match dircolorsColor194 contained '\<194\>'
syn match dircolorsColor195 contained '\<195\>'
syn match dircolorsColor196 contained '\<196\>'
syn match dircolorsColor197 contained '\<197\>'
syn match dircolorsColor198 contained '\<198\>'
syn match dircolorsColor199 contained '\<199\>'
syn match dircolorsColor200 contained '\<200\>'
syn match dircolorsColor201 contained '\<201\>'
syn match dircolorsColor202 contained '\<202\>'
syn match dircolorsColor203 contained '\<203\>'
syn match dircolorsColor204 contained '\<204\>'
syn match dircolorsColor205 contained '\<205\>'
syn match dircolorsColor206 contained '\<206\>'
syn match dircolorsColor207 contained '\<207\>'
syn match dircolorsColor208 contained '\<208\>'
syn match dircolorsColor209 contained '\<209\>'
syn match dircolorsColor210 contained '\<210\>'
syn match dircolorsColor211 contained '\<211\>'
syn match dircolorsColor212 contained '\<212\>'
syn match dircolorsColor213 contained '\<213\>'
syn match dircolorsColor214 contained '\<214\>'
syn match dircolorsColor215 contained '\<215\>'
syn match dircolorsColor216 contained '\<216\>'
syn match dircolorsColor217 contained '\<217\>'
syn match dircolorsColor218 contained '\<218\>'
syn match dircolorsColor219 contained '\<219\>'
syn match dircolorsColor220 contained '\<220\>'
syn match dircolorsColor221 contained '\<221\>'
syn match dircolorsColor222 contained '\<222\>'
syn match dircolorsColor223 contained '\<223\>'
syn match dircolorsColor224 contained '\<224\>'
syn match dircolorsColor225 contained '\<225\>'
syn match dircolorsColor226 contained '\<226\>'
syn match dircolorsColor227 contained '\<227\>'
syn match dircolorsColor228 contained '\<228\>'
syn match dircolorsColor229 contained '\<229\>'
syn match dircolorsColor230 contained '\<230\>'
syn match dircolorsColor231 contained '\<231\>'
syn match dircolorsColor232 contained '\<232\>'
syn match dircolorsColor233 contained '\<233\>'
syn match dircolorsColor234 contained '\<234\>'
syn match dircolorsColor235 contained '\<235\>'
syn match dircolorsColor236 contained '\<236\>'
syn match dircolorsColor237 contained '\<237\>'
syn match dircolorsColor238 contained '\<238\>'
syn match dircolorsColor239 contained '\<239\>'
syn match dircolorsColor240 contained '\<240\>'
syn match dircolorsColor241 contained '\<241\>'
syn match dircolorsColor242 contained '\<242\>'
syn match dircolorsColor243 contained '\<243\>'
syn match dircolorsColor244 contained '\<244\>'
syn match dircolorsColor245 contained '\<245\>'
syn match dircolorsColor246 contained '\<246\>'
syn match dircolorsColor247 contained '\<247\>'
syn match dircolorsColor248 contained '\<248\>'
syn match dircolorsColor249 contained '\<249\>'
syn match dircolorsColor250 contained '\<250\>'
syn match dircolorsColor251 contained '\<251\>'
syn match dircolorsColor252 contained '\<252\>'
syn match dircolorsColor253 contained '\<253\>'
syn match dircolorsColor254 contained '\<254\>'
syn match dircolorsColor255 contained '\<255\>'
syn cluster dircolorsColors contains=dircolorsNumber
syn match dircolorsNumber '\<\d\+\>'
hi def link dircolorsTodo Todo
hi def link dircolorsComment Comment
hi def link dircolorsKeyword Keyword
hi def link dircolorsExtension Keyword
if &t_Co == 8 || &t_Co == 16
hi def dircolorsBold term=bold cterm=bold gui=bold
hi def dircolorsUnderline term=underline cterm=underline gui=underline
hi def link dircolorsBlink Normal
hi def dircolorsReverse term=reverse cterm=reverse gui=reverse
hi def link dircolorsInvisible Ignore
hi def dircolorsBlack ctermfg=Black guifg=Black
hi def dircolorsRed ctermfg=Red guifg=Red
hi def dircolorsGreen ctermfg=Green guifg=Green
hi def dircolorsYellow ctermfg=Yellow guifg=Yellow
hi def dircolorsBlue ctermfg=Blue guifg=Blue
hi def dircolorsMagenta ctermfg=Magenta guifg=Magenta
hi def dircolorsCyan ctermfg=Cyan guifg=Cyan
hi def dircolorsWhite ctermfg=White guifg=White
hi def dircolorsBGBlack ctermbg=Black ctermfg=White
\ guibg=Black guifg=White
hi def dircolorsBGRed ctermbg=DarkRed guibg=DarkRed
hi def dircolorsBGGreen ctermbg=DarkGreen guibg=DarkGreen
hi def dircolorsBGYellow ctermbg=DarkYellow guibg=DarkYellow
hi def dircolorsBGBlue ctermbg=DarkBlue guibg=DarkBlue
hi def dircolorsBGMagenta ctermbg=DarkMagenta guibg=DarkMagenta
hi def dircolorsBGCyan ctermbg=DarkCyan guibg=DarkCyan
hi def dircolorsBGWhite ctermbg=White ctermfg=Black
\ guibg=White guifg=Black
elseif &t_Co == 256 || has("gui_running")
hi def dircolorsColor0 ctermfg=0 guifg=Black
hi def dircolorsColor1 ctermfg=1 guifg=DarkRed
hi def dircolorsColor2 ctermfg=2 guifg=DarkGreen
hi def dircolorsColor3 ctermfg=3 guifg=DarkYellow
hi def dircolorsColor4 ctermfg=4 guifg=DarkBlue
hi def dircolorsColor5 ctermfg=5 guifg=DarkMagenta
hi def dircolorsColor6 ctermfg=6 guifg=DarkCyan
hi def dircolorsColor7 ctermfg=7 guifg=Gray
hi def dircolorsColor8 ctermfg=8 guifg=DarkGray
hi def dircolorsColor9 ctermfg=9 guifg=Red
hi def dircolorsColor10 ctermfg=10 guifg=Green
hi def dircolorsColor11 ctermfg=11 guifg=Yellow
hi def dircolorsColor12 ctermfg=12 guifg=Blue
hi def dircolorsColor13 ctermfg=13 guifg=Magenta
hi def dircolorsColor14 ctermfg=14 guifg=Cyan
hi def dircolorsColor15 ctermfg=15 guifg=White
hi def dircolorsColor16 ctermfg=16 guifg=#000000
hi def dircolorsColor17 ctermfg=17 guifg=#00005f
hi def dircolorsColor18 ctermfg=18 guifg=#000087
hi def dircolorsColor19 ctermfg=19 guifg=#0000af
hi def dircolorsColor20 ctermfg=20 guifg=#0000d7
hi def dircolorsColor21 ctermfg=21 guifg=#0000ff
hi def dircolorsColor22 ctermfg=22 guifg=#005f00
hi def dircolorsColor23 ctermfg=23 guifg=#005f5f
hi def dircolorsColor24 ctermfg=24 guifg=#005f87
hi def dircolorsColor25 ctermfg=25 guifg=#005faf
hi def dircolorsColor26 ctermfg=26 guifg=#005fd7
hi def dircolorsColor27 ctermfg=27 guifg=#005fff
hi def dircolorsColor28 ctermfg=28 guifg=#008700
hi def dircolorsColor29 ctermfg=29 guifg=#00875f
hi def dircolorsColor30 ctermfg=30 guifg=#008787
hi def dircolorsColor31 ctermfg=31 guifg=#0087af
hi def dircolorsColor32 ctermfg=32 guifg=#0087d7
hi def dircolorsColor33 ctermfg=33 guifg=#0087ff
hi def dircolorsColor34 ctermfg=34 guifg=#00af00
hi def dircolorsColor35 ctermfg=35 guifg=#00af5f
hi def dircolorsColor36 ctermfg=36 guifg=#00af87
hi def dircolorsColor37 ctermfg=37 guifg=#00afaf
hi def dircolorsColor38 ctermfg=38 guifg=#00afd7
hi def dircolorsColor39 ctermfg=39 guifg=#00afff
hi def dircolorsColor40 ctermfg=40 guifg=#00d700
hi def dircolorsColor41 ctermfg=41 guifg=#00d75f
hi def dircolorsColor42 ctermfg=42 guifg=#00d787
hi def dircolorsColor43 ctermfg=43 guifg=#00d7af
hi def dircolorsColor44 ctermfg=44 guifg=#00d7d7
hi def dircolorsColor45 ctermfg=45 guifg=#00d7ff
hi def dircolorsColor46 ctermfg=46 guifg=#00ff00
hi def dircolorsColor47 ctermfg=47 guifg=#00ff5f
hi def dircolorsColor48 ctermfg=48 guifg=#00ff87
hi def dircolorsColor49 ctermfg=49 guifg=#00ffaf
hi def dircolorsColor50 ctermfg=50 guifg=#00ffd7
hi def dircolorsColor51 ctermfg=51 guifg=#00ffff
hi def dircolorsColor52 ctermfg=52 guifg=#5f0000
hi def dircolorsColor53 ctermfg=53 guifg=#5f005f
hi def dircolorsColor54 ctermfg=54 guifg=#5f0087
hi def dircolorsColor55 ctermfg=55 guifg=#5f00af
hi def dircolorsColor56 ctermfg=56 guifg=#5f00d7
hi def dircolorsColor57 ctermfg=57 guifg=#5f00ff
hi def dircolorsColor58 ctermfg=58 guifg=#5f5f00
hi def dircolorsColor59 ctermfg=59 guifg=#5f5f5f
hi def dircolorsColor60 ctermfg=60 guifg=#5f5f87
hi def dircolorsColor61 ctermfg=61 guifg=#5f5faf
hi def dircolorsColor62 ctermfg=62 guifg=#5f5fd7
hi def dircolorsColor63 ctermfg=63 guifg=#5f5fff
hi def dircolorsColor64 ctermfg=64 guifg=#5f8700
hi def dircolorsColor65 ctermfg=65 guifg=#5f875f
hi def dircolorsColor66 ctermfg=66 guifg=#5f8787
hi def dircolorsColor67 ctermfg=67 guifg=#5f87af
hi def dircolorsColor68 ctermfg=68 guifg=#5f87d7
hi def dircolorsColor69 ctermfg=69 guifg=#5f87ff
hi def dircolorsColor70 ctermfg=70 guifg=#5faf00
hi def dircolorsColor71 ctermfg=71 guifg=#5faf5f
hi def dircolorsColor72 ctermfg=72 guifg=#5faf87
hi def dircolorsColor73 ctermfg=73 guifg=#5fafaf
hi def dircolorsColor74 ctermfg=74 guifg=#5fafd7
hi def dircolorsColor75 ctermfg=75 guifg=#5fafff
hi def dircolorsColor76 ctermfg=76 guifg=#5fd700
hi def dircolorsColor77 ctermfg=77 guifg=#5fd75f
hi def dircolorsColor78 ctermfg=78 guifg=#5fd787
hi def dircolorsColor79 ctermfg=79 guifg=#5fd7af
hi def dircolorsColor80 ctermfg=80 guifg=#5fd7d7
hi def dircolorsColor81 ctermfg=81 guifg=#5fd7ff
hi def dircolorsColor82 ctermfg=82 guifg=#5fff00
hi def dircolorsColor83 ctermfg=83 guifg=#5fff5f
hi def dircolorsColor84 ctermfg=84 guifg=#5fff87
hi def dircolorsColor85 ctermfg=85 guifg=#5fffaf
hi def dircolorsColor86 ctermfg=86 guifg=#5fffd7
hi def dircolorsColor87 ctermfg=87 guifg=#5fffff
hi def dircolorsColor88 ctermfg=88 guifg=#870000
hi def dircolorsColor89 ctermfg=89 guifg=#87005f
hi def dircolorsColor90 ctermfg=90 guifg=#870087
hi def dircolorsColor91 ctermfg=91 guifg=#8700af
hi def dircolorsColor92 ctermfg=92 guifg=#8700d7
hi def dircolorsColor93 ctermfg=93 guifg=#8700ff
hi def dircolorsColor94 ctermfg=94 guifg=#875f00
hi def dircolorsColor95 ctermfg=95 guifg=#875f5f
hi def dircolorsColor96 ctermfg=96 guifg=#875f87
hi def dircolorsColor97 ctermfg=97 guifg=#875faf
hi def dircolorsColor98 ctermfg=98 guifg=#875fd7
hi def dircolorsColor99 ctermfg=99 guifg=#875fff
hi def dircolorsColor100 ctermfg=100 guifg=#878700
hi def dircolorsColor101 ctermfg=101 guifg=#87875f
hi def dircolorsColor102 ctermfg=102 guifg=#878787
hi def dircolorsColor103 ctermfg=103 guifg=#8787af
hi def dircolorsColor104 ctermfg=104 guifg=#8787d7
hi def dircolorsColor105 ctermfg=105 guifg=#8787ff
hi def dircolorsColor106 ctermfg=106 guifg=#87af00
hi def dircolorsColor107 ctermfg=107 guifg=#87af5f
hi def dircolorsColor108 ctermfg=108 guifg=#87af87
hi def dircolorsColor109 ctermfg=109 guifg=#87afaf
hi def dircolorsColor110 ctermfg=110 guifg=#87afd7
hi def dircolorsColor111 ctermfg=111 guifg=#87afff
hi def dircolorsColor112 ctermfg=112 guifg=#87d700
hi def dircolorsColor113 ctermfg=113 guifg=#87d75f
hi def dircolorsColor114 ctermfg=114 guifg=#87d787
hi def dircolorsColor115 ctermfg=115 guifg=#87d7af
hi def dircolorsColor116 ctermfg=116 guifg=#87d7d7
hi def dircolorsColor117 ctermfg=117 guifg=#87d7ff
hi def dircolorsColor118 ctermfg=118 guifg=#87ff00
hi def dircolorsColor119 ctermfg=119 guifg=#87ff5f
hi def dircolorsColor120 ctermfg=120 guifg=#87ff87
hi def dircolorsColor121 ctermfg=121 guifg=#87ffaf
hi def dircolorsColor122 ctermfg=122 guifg=#87ffd7
hi def dircolorsColor123 ctermfg=123 guifg=#87ffff
hi def dircolorsColor124 ctermfg=124 guifg=#af0000
hi def dircolorsColor125 ctermfg=125 guifg=#af005f
hi def dircolorsColor126 ctermfg=126 guifg=#af0087
hi def dircolorsColor127 ctermfg=127 guifg=#af00af
hi def dircolorsColor128 ctermfg=128 guifg=#af00d7
hi def dircolorsColor129 ctermfg=129 guifg=#af00ff
hi def dircolorsColor130 ctermfg=130 guifg=#af5f00
hi def dircolorsColor131 ctermfg=131 guifg=#af5f5f
hi def dircolorsColor132 ctermfg=132 guifg=#af5f87
hi def dircolorsColor133 ctermfg=133 guifg=#af5faf
hi def dircolorsColor134 ctermfg=134 guifg=#af5fd7
hi def dircolorsColor135 ctermfg=135 guifg=#af5fff
hi def dircolorsColor136 ctermfg=136 guifg=#af8700
hi def dircolorsColor137 ctermfg=137 guifg=#af875f
hi def dircolorsColor138 ctermfg=138 guifg=#af8787
hi def dircolorsColor139 ctermfg=139 guifg=#af87af
hi def dircolorsColor140 ctermfg=140 guifg=#af87d7
hi def dircolorsColor141 ctermfg=141 guifg=#af87ff
hi def dircolorsColor142 ctermfg=142 guifg=#afaf00
hi def dircolorsColor143 ctermfg=143 guifg=#afaf5f
hi def dircolorsColor144 ctermfg=144 guifg=#afaf87
hi def dircolorsColor145 ctermfg=145 guifg=#afafaf
hi def dircolorsColor146 ctermfg=146 guifg=#afafd7
hi def dircolorsColor147 ctermfg=147 guifg=#afafff
hi def dircolorsColor148 ctermfg=148 guifg=#afd700
hi def dircolorsColor149 ctermfg=149 guifg=#afd75f
hi def dircolorsColor150 ctermfg=150 guifg=#afd787
hi def dircolorsColor151 ctermfg=151 guifg=#afd7af
hi def dircolorsColor152 ctermfg=152 guifg=#afd7d7
hi def dircolorsColor153 ctermfg=153 guifg=#afd7ff
hi def dircolorsColor154 ctermfg=154 guifg=#afff00
hi def dircolorsColor155 ctermfg=155 guifg=#afff5f
hi def dircolorsColor156 ctermfg=156 guifg=#afff87
hi def dircolorsColor157 ctermfg=157 guifg=#afffaf
hi def dircolorsColor158 ctermfg=158 guifg=#afffd7
hi def dircolorsColor159 ctermfg=159 guifg=#afffff
hi def dircolorsColor160 ctermfg=160 guifg=#d70000
hi def dircolorsColor161 ctermfg=161 guifg=#d7005f
hi def dircolorsColor162 ctermfg=162 guifg=#d70087
hi def dircolorsColor163 ctermfg=163 guifg=#d700af
hi def dircolorsColor164 ctermfg=164 guifg=#d700d7
hi def dircolorsColor165 ctermfg=165 guifg=#d700ff
hi def dircolorsColor166 ctermfg=166 guifg=#d75f00
hi def dircolorsColor167 ctermfg=167 guifg=#d75f5f
hi def dircolorsColor168 ctermfg=168 guifg=#d75f87
hi def dircolorsColor169 ctermfg=169 guifg=#d75faf
hi def dircolorsColor170 ctermfg=170 guifg=#d75fd7
hi def dircolorsColor171 ctermfg=171 guifg=#d75fff
hi def dircolorsColor172 ctermfg=172 guifg=#d78700
hi def dircolorsColor173 ctermfg=173 guifg=#d7875f
hi def dircolorsColor174 ctermfg=174 guifg=#d78787
hi def dircolorsColor175 ctermfg=175 guifg=#d787af
hi def dircolorsColor176 ctermfg=176 guifg=#d787d7
hi def dircolorsColor177 ctermfg=177 guifg=#d787ff
hi def dircolorsColor178 ctermfg=178 guifg=#d7af00
hi def dircolorsColor179 ctermfg=179 guifg=#d7af5f
hi def dircolorsColor180 ctermfg=180 guifg=#d7af87
hi def dircolorsColor181 ctermfg=181 guifg=#d7afaf
hi def dircolorsColor182 ctermfg=182 guifg=#d7afd7
hi def dircolorsColor183 ctermfg=183 guifg=#d7afff
hi def dircolorsColor184 ctermfg=184 guifg=#d7d700
hi def dircolorsColor185 ctermfg=185 guifg=#d7d75f
hi def dircolorsColor186 ctermfg=186 guifg=#d7d787
hi def dircolorsColor187 ctermfg=187 guifg=#d7d7af
hi def dircolorsColor188 ctermfg=188 guifg=#d7d7d7
hi def dircolorsColor189 ctermfg=189 guifg=#d7d7ff
hi def dircolorsColor190 ctermfg=190 guifg=#d7ff00
hi def dircolorsColor191 ctermfg=191 guifg=#d7ff5f
hi def dircolorsColor192 ctermfg=192 guifg=#d7ff87
hi def dircolorsColor193 ctermfg=193 guifg=#d7ffaf
hi def dircolorsColor194 ctermfg=194 guifg=#d7ffd7
hi def dircolorsColor195 ctermfg=195 guifg=#d7ffff
hi def dircolorsColor196 ctermfg=196 guifg=#ff0000
hi def dircolorsColor197 ctermfg=197 guifg=#ff005f
hi def dircolorsColor198 ctermfg=198 guifg=#ff0087
hi def dircolorsColor199 ctermfg=199 guifg=#ff00af
hi def dircolorsColor200 ctermfg=200 guifg=#ff00d7
hi def dircolorsColor201 ctermfg=201 guifg=#ff00ff
hi def dircolorsColor202 ctermfg=202 guifg=#ff5f00
hi def dircolorsColor203 ctermfg=203 guifg=#ff5f5f
hi def dircolorsColor204 ctermfg=204 guifg=#ff5f87
hi def dircolorsColor205 ctermfg=205 guifg=#ff5faf
hi def dircolorsColor206 ctermfg=206 guifg=#ff5fd7
hi def dircolorsColor207 ctermfg=207 guifg=#ff5fff
hi def dircolorsColor208 ctermfg=208 guifg=#ff8700
hi def dircolorsColor209 ctermfg=209 guifg=#ff875f
hi def dircolorsColor210 ctermfg=210 guifg=#ff8787
hi def dircolorsColor211 ctermfg=211 guifg=#ff87af
hi def dircolorsColor212 ctermfg=212 guifg=#ff87d7
hi def dircolorsColor213 ctermfg=213 guifg=#ff87ff
hi def dircolorsColor214 ctermfg=214 guifg=#ffaf00
hi def dircolorsColor215 ctermfg=215 guifg=#ffaf5f
hi def dircolorsColor216 ctermfg=216 guifg=#ffaf87
hi def dircolorsColor217 ctermfg=217 guifg=#ffafaf
hi def dircolorsColor218 ctermfg=218 guifg=#ffafd7
hi def dircolorsColor219 ctermfg=219 guifg=#ffafff
hi def dircolorsColor220 ctermfg=220 guifg=#ffd700
hi def dircolorsColor221 ctermfg=221 guifg=#ffd75f
hi def dircolorsColor222 ctermfg=222 guifg=#ffd787
hi def dircolorsColor223 ctermfg=223 guifg=#ffd7af
hi def dircolorsColor224 ctermfg=224 guifg=#ffd7d7
hi def dircolorsColor225 ctermfg=225 guifg=#ffd7ff
hi def dircolorsColor226 ctermfg=226 guifg=#ffff00
hi def dircolorsColor227 ctermfg=227 guifg=#ffff5f
hi def dircolorsColor228 ctermfg=228 guifg=#ffff87
hi def dircolorsColor229 ctermfg=229 guifg=#ffffaf
hi def dircolorsColor230 ctermfg=230 guifg=#ffffd7
hi def dircolorsColor231 ctermfg=231 guifg=#ffffff
hi def dircolorsColor232 ctermfg=232 guifg=#080808
hi def dircolorsColor233 ctermfg=233 guifg=#121212
hi def dircolorsColor234 ctermfg=234 guifg=#1c1c1c
hi def dircolorsColor235 ctermfg=235 guifg=#262626
hi def dircolorsColor236 ctermfg=236 guifg=#303030
hi def dircolorsColor237 ctermfg=237 guifg=#3a3a3a
hi def dircolorsColor238 ctermfg=238 guifg=#444444
hi def dircolorsColor239 ctermfg=239 guifg=#4e4e4e
hi def dircolorsColor240 ctermfg=240 guifg=#585858
hi def dircolorsColor241 ctermfg=241 guifg=#626262
hi def dircolorsColor242 ctermfg=242 guifg=#6c6c6c
hi def dircolorsColor243 ctermfg=243 guifg=#767676
hi def dircolorsColor244 ctermfg=244 guifg=#808080
hi def dircolorsColor245 ctermfg=245 guifg=#8a8a8a
hi def dircolorsColor246 ctermfg=246 guifg=#949494
hi def dircolorsColor247 ctermfg=247 guifg=#9e9e9e
hi def dircolorsColor248 ctermfg=248 guifg=#a8a8a8
hi def dircolorsColor249 ctermfg=249 guifg=#b2b2b2
hi def dircolorsColor250 ctermfg=250 guifg=#bcbcbc
hi def dircolorsColor251 ctermfg=251 guifg=#c6c6c6
hi def dircolorsColor252 ctermfg=252 guifg=#d0d0d0
hi def dircolorsColor253 ctermfg=253 guifg=#dadada
hi def dircolorsColor254 ctermfg=254 guifg=#e4e4e4
hi def dircolorsColor255 ctermfg=255 guifg=#eeeeee
hi def link dircolorsNumber Number
let b:current_syntax = "dircolors"
let &cpo = s:cpo_save
unlet s:cpo_save
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