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This is a test of the script language.
If after adding a new test, the test output doesn't appear properly in
test49.failed, try to add one ore more "G"s at the line ending in "test.out"
:so small.vim
:se nocp nomore viminfo+=nviminfo
:lang mess C
:so test49.vim
GGGGGGGGGGGGGG"rp:.-,$w! test.out
:" make valgrind happy
:redir => funclist
:silent func
:redir END
:for line in split(funclist, "\n")
: let name = matchstr(line, 'function \zs[A-Z]\w*\ze(')
: if name != ''
: exe "delfunc " . name
: endif
:for v in keys(g:)
: silent! exe "unlet " . v
:unlet v
Results of test49.vim:
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