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" Vim syntax file
" Language: passwd(5) password file
" Maintainer: Nikolai Weibull <>
" Latest Revision: 2006-10-03
if exists("b:current_syntax")
let s:cpo_save = &cpo
set cpo&vim
syn match passwdBegin display '^' nextgroup=passwdAccount
syn match passwdAccount contained display '[^:]\+'
\ nextgroup=passwdPasswordColon
syn match passwdPasswordColon contained display ':'
\ nextgroup=passwdPassword,passwdShadow
syn match passwdPassword contained display '[^:]\+'
\ nextgroup=passwdUIDColon
syn match passwdShadow contained display '[x*!]'
\ nextgroup=passwdUIDColon
syn match passwdUIDColon contained display ':' nextgroup=passwdUID
syn match passwdUID contained display '\d\{0,10}'
\ nextgroup=passwdGIDColon
syn match passwdGIDColon contained display ':' nextgroup=passwdGID
syn match passwdGID contained display '\d\{0,10}'
\ nextgroup=passwdGecosColon
syn match passwdGecosColon contained display ':' nextgroup=passwdGecos
syn match passwdGecos contained display '[^:]*'
\ nextgroup=passwdDirColon
syn match passwdDirColon contained display ':' nextgroup=passwdDir
syn match passwdDir contained display '/[^:]*'
\ nextgroup=passwdShellColon
syn match passwdShellColon contained display ':'
\ nextgroup=passwdShell
syn match passwdShell contained display '.*'
hi def link passwdColon Normal
hi def link passwdAccount Identifier
hi def link passwdPasswordColon passwdColon
hi def link passwdPassword Number
hi def link passwdShadow Special
hi def link passwdUIDColon passwdColon
hi def link passwdUID Number
hi def link passwdGIDColon passwdColon
hi def link passwdGID Number
hi def link passwdGecosColon passwdColon
hi def link passwdGecos Comment
hi def link passwdDirColon passwdColon
hi def link passwdDir Type
hi def link passwdShellColon passwdColon
hi def link passwdShell Operator
let b:current_syntax = "passwd"
let &cpo = s:cpo_save
unlet s:cpo_save
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