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Some tools that can be used with Vim:
blink.c: C program to make the cursor blink in an xterm.
ccfilter*: C program to filter the output of a few compilers to a common
QuickFix format.
efm_filter.*: Perl script to filter compiler messages to QuickFix format. Perl script to filter error messages from the Perl interpreter
for use with Vim quickfix mode.
mve.* Awk script to filter error messages to QuickFix format. Perl script to create a tags file from Perl scripts.
ref: Shell script for the K command.
shtags.*: Perl script to create a tags file from a shell script.
vim132: Shell script to edit in 132 column mode on vt100 compatible
vimm: Shell script to start Vim on a DEC terminal with mouse
vimspell.*: Shell script for highlighting spelling mistakes.
vim_vs_net.cmd: MS-Windows command file to use Vim with MS Visual Studio 7 and
xcmdsrv_client.c: Example for a client program that communicates with a Vim
server through the X-Windows interface.
unicode.vim Vim script to generate tables for src/mbyte.c.
[xxd (and tee for OS/2) can be found in the src directory]
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